I Want My Children To See An Elephant

One of my earliest memories as a little boy was going to the Granby Zoo while growing up in Montreal with my family. I remember not necessarily knowing why the animals were there, but being so captivated by their beauty. No animal made a bigger impact than the elephant. It’s sheer size and magnificence stopped me in my velcro shoes. Ever since that moment I have had this adoration for one of the most, in my opinion, majestic creatures on the planet. 2018 has been a hard year for me when it comes to my environmental stances on certain topics. From the albino rhino earlier this year, to the importance of discussing the alarming rate that many species are approaching (or have entered) endangered status. There is so much good in the world, but there is still so much for us to do to be better. Because I want my future children to be able to see an elephant and not have them be something in story books. So let’s talk about #WorldElephantDay and why I am so proud to have partnered with Amarula to share their #AmarulaTrust campaign on August 12th in Canada. Continue reading “I Want My Children To See An Elephant”