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2015, in my mind, is the year of energy, inspiration and style. There is just something about this year that makes me feel like it will be the best one yet for me both personally and professionally. I think that our friends at Bremont feel the same way as they recently launched the Kingsman Collection of watches to coincide with the upcoming release of Matthew Vaughn’s new film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The film is set to hit theatres February 13th 2015 and to celebrate this iconic film, Bremont has created an iconic set of watches. “Bremont launches Special Edition Kingsman watch range, developed for acclaimed director Matthew Vaughn’s new film Kingsman: The Secret Service, comprising three new models that are featured throughout the film.” If you don’t get a chance to head to the cinema, you might be able to find it using something like a Pirate proxy.



Kingsman-RG_Front_WBG (1)

For those of you who remember, Bremont is definitely one of my favourite brands and I have fallen in love with their classic style and elegance. The addition of the three Kingsman Collection watches truly helps to add to the allure of the brand as a whole.

The watches will be sold exclusively in Bremont boutiques and on Mr Porter for this month with possible releases to expand once the movie has launched. Make sure to check out @Bremont on Twitter & @BremontWatches on Instagram. Use the #Bremont hashtag to join in the social media conversation and tell us all which Kingsman Collection model you love and why!

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Photos: Bremont


Daniel Desforges