10 Ways to Manage Stress Naturally

Stress is an inevitable part of our life. We worry about everything, one stickler that often gets to people is bills! You can save yourself some woe by going to a switching site to find the best broadband so that you know you aren’t overpaying. Stress is often the result of pressure we place on ourselves or demands that are imposed by work, family and lifestyle. While it may be impossible to eliminate, we can learn to better manage stress on a daily basis naturally. No tranquilizers here!

Stress is the body’s natural response to real or perceived threats, preparing us to “fight or flight” when we’re faced with danger. When we’re stressed, we activate the fast-acting sympathetic nervous system. This system triggers a part of the adrenal gland that releases hormones into the bloodstream, which causes the body to speed up and become tense. As a result, functions that are not immediately essential, like digestion and immunity, are put on pause. Mild stress can be useful to motivate us to reach our goals, but when stress becomes too high, a multitude of health problems can arise. This is why it is so helpful that cbd isolate powder for sale is widely available.

When we’re calm and relaxed, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, also known as “rest and digest” mode. This slower system conserves the body’s energy by bringing bodily functions to homeostasis, or balance. Long-term health depends on the parasympathetic nervous system as it reduces the risk of health issues and supports optimal health on all levels.

Stress can manifest in the body in various ways and many illnesses and diseases have been shown to stem from chronic stress. Stress-related symptoms and diseases include: allergies, anorexia, cancer, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure, infections, insomnia, psoriasis, diarrhea and constipation.

Ignoring stress or masking it with food, alcohol, toxic substances or people will only disguise the feeling, but in the long-term will add to your stress load, negatively affecting your overall health. Lifestyle and dietary approaches are necessary for stress management since medications can sometimes only provide a “Band-Aid solution”.

There are many holistic methods that will bring positive energy into your life. Here are ten ways to naturally manage stress the next time it comes your way.

1) Have more fun. Do more of what you enjoy; it’ll help you relax and get your mind on something positive. Those positive vibes will reverberate through all aspects of your life.

2) Express your emotions. Don’t let stress build internally, get it out in the open so you can solve whatever problems you’re facing and move on. Journal, paint, dance, sing; find creative ways to express how you’re feeling.

3) Practice a digital detox. We live in an era where our phones are attached to us for the majority of day. With the constant bombardment of texts, phone calls, emails and social updates, stress is higher than ever. This can be a difficult reality to escape, but even for an hour every day put all technology aside and focus on the present moment.

4) Develop meaningful relationships. Meaningful relationships influence our long-term health. Research shows that “individuals with supportive and rewarding relationships have better mental health, higher levels of subjective well-being, and lower rates of morbidity and mortality.” Finding someone who can make you laugh is even better.

5) Have sex. Grab your lover and get to it!

6) Practice relaxation exercises. Meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, deep breathing and walking in nature are just a few ways you can develop a deeper connection with yourself and de-stress. If you want to properly de-stress, you could Visit this website and buy some marijuana products to try before doing your meditation or deep breathing activities. Marijuana is a really popular way to make yourself feel more relaxed and I think it would work brilliantly to put you in a chilled-out mindset before your exercises begin.

7) Engage in physical activity. Research shows that exercise and other forms of physical activity produce endorphins that act as natural painkillers, alleviating stress and improving mental health.

8) Drink more water. This ensures that essential nutrients that help with combatting stress are circulated, while you’re well hydrated.

9) Eat smaller, nutrient-dense meals. Eating the right foods can do wonders to reduce the impact of stress. Stress depletes the body of nutrients because it increases cellular activity to meet the needs of metabolism, which equals greater nutrient usage. When we’re stressed, our body is in “fight or flight” mode, which means energy that is needed for efficient digestion is diverted to other parts of the body to deal with the problem you’re facing. Eating nutrient-rich whole foods restores balance to hormones like insulin and cortisol, amongst many others. You could also incorporate
Yours Nutrition into your diet as it has anxiety relieving properties.

10) Adapt attitude. When we’re faced with stress, we can choose to view it as an opportunity for self-growth and have an action plan for how to deal with it. Change the way you think about stress; instead of reacting, learn to respond. Stress is your state of mind; change your thoughts and watch your external environment change.

When we don’t have an outlet for stress, it can turn inwards, affecting our internal environment, which can then manifest physically in the body. Stress comes with high health risks, so instead of letting it get the better of you, carve out time in your schedule every day for you and your health.

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Photos by Hannah Rauhanen, CNP