The Quintessential Downtown Office Experience

For those of you who have built a business from the ground up, or even those of you who are currently in the midst of it, you’ll understand what it feels like to never truly shut off. Heck, most of you who aren’t even running your own business aren’t great at that either! We live in a fast paced world, where you have to do or be something that stands out in a crowd to even get your foot in the door. So when someone decides to hand you some of the tools to help you succeed, or they find ways to make your life just a little less chaotic, you take a deep breath and say “heck yes, please!” and “I’ll take them!”

That’s how Daniel and I felt when we first discovered The 48 Offices. Working from Daniel’s home office is great, but it’s not easy to separate your work and home lives when both of them surround you 24-7. It’s integral, when you’re self-employed or work from home, to create a change of environment in order to get some serious work done. But living in Toronto, the luxury of a lavish home office separate from your living room or bedroom (or both if you’re like me and live in a bachelor) isn’t always available. That’s why our decision to use The 48 Offices was a solid no-brainer.

The 48 Offices is a brand new exclusive address located right downtown within the One King West building. Connecting to the PATH and King Subway station means you are spoiled for options for food and commuting alike. With a quick elevator ride up to the 48th floor, you’re transported to a beautifully designed modern office space with floor to ceiling windows and breathtaking views of the lake and city. With access to a full-time receptionist, a stocked kitchen with state of the art appliances and access to meeting rooms at your fingertips, you may as well be rockin’ it in your very own episode of Suits.

Each room boasts different designs and layouts, set to meet different needs. All you need to do is discuss these specific requirements with the team upon booking and they’ll direct you to the space that’s right for you. Heck, you might not be looking for an office, just a meeting room! Rent by the hour, by the day or on a monthly plan – convenience is the key here, folks. Daniel and I opted to switch between the North and South offices, as they are the most Instagramable (is that a word now?) by far. 

What we loved the most is that you can program your own door code to ensure the utmost privacy. You can even assign your own 416 number to your individual phone to ensure that you never miss an important call while you’re there. When they say “Fully Furnished Office Space”, they really do mean they have almost everything. Some packages even come with parking and a gym membership.

One of the additional benefits of renting out an office space is that it also provides a registered office address that you can use for your business. There are no doubts about it, having your very own office gives your business a sense of professionalism that can impress your clients to ensure that your company can continue to grow. That being said, with virtual offices also soaring in popularity recently, there are lots of different ways to set up a business address of your own, so do not be afraid to do plenty of research to work out the best possible option for your company!

For more information on how YOU can book your own office space, be sure to click here. Just want to take a tour of the space? Why not! You’re always welcome to pop in and check it out.

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