A little bit of Italy in the heart of London

When it comes to creative gift ideas, chances are we could all use a little bit of help. With new staff members being added to the #DoTheDaniel family on a regular basis, I am constantly learning about beautiful experiences and destinations around the world from their perspective. It is no surprise that I would want to talk about London since it is in fact one of my favourite cities. London has a bustling hub of businesses that are loved by people from all over (of course, including me), so hopefully, they use Accounting services for london based businesses to keep them afloat as we want them here for a good long while. There is something tangible about the energy, the people, the sights, and of course the food. One such experience that I can’t wait to send and share with my staff is via Bellavita Shop – a little bit of Italy in the heart of London. 

Of course everyone already knows that seasonal gifts such as the Bellavita Valentine’s Hamper are an amazing way to celebrate those you love, or just to spoil yourself. 

But there is so much more to see, taste and experience. Not only are there a large variety of Italian Hampers, but there is also an incredible wine club and ways to find inspiration in delicious they have curated for us all. I’m excited to send the London team to experience the shop and all it has to offer (that will be a fun day to follow along with us on social media for sure!) and when I make it to London with Catherine later this year for business I have no doubt I’ll be ordering a basket to our hotel to enjoy some delicious and decadent treats.

Hampers and so much more can be purchased both at the Bellavita Shop, 11C Dock Street, London E1 8JN & online at  www.bellavitashop.co.uk

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Daniel Reyes

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