A New Non-Stop Flight Worth Taking

Being able to go to Japan is an experience I have dreamed of since I was a little boy. Growing up and being mildly obsessed with anime, cartoons and Japanese pop culture were big parts of who I am. I have many friends who enjoy it as well and some even watch the videos on animehentaivideos! I also carry the love I had for all of these parts of my childhood into the adult that I am now. However, it does not only stop at a love for pop culture and Japanese cartoons, but it flows into a love of cuisine, culture and of course fashion. That’s why I was beyond excited to be able to finally stamp a trip to Tokyo into my passport and cross off a long time bucket list destination, all thanks to the incredible team at Air Canada.

One thing I was constantly told before I actually made it to the day I left for Tokyo was “you know that’s a really long trip right?!” But that was the least of my worries because I would be taking off on a direct flight from Montreal all the way to Tokyo Narita Airport, thanks to the newly unveiled flight path that makes travelling to a destination as far as Japan A LOT easier.

From the moment I stepped on board (flying both to Narita and then back to Montreal), I knew this was unlike any other flight I was about to take. The new and improved 787 planes are equipped for optimal comfort and have more modern and innovative safety features than any other plane I’ve been on before. Now I’m normally a very easy sleeper and falling asleep on planes has never really been a challenge for me, but the moment I made it to my seat, I will shamelessly admit that I was out cold before the plane even had taken off.

Waking up only to eat and use the restroom, I was impressed at how modern and clean the on-board restrooms were – which shows how high the standards are for this airline. I was also impressed by the the fact that the flight crew was not only immersed in speaking both English and French like many Air Canada flights I’ve taken in the past, but also were completely fluent and offering service in Japanese as well. Making it easy for both Canadians entering Japan and Japanese travellers to also fly to Canada for the first time as well.

Getting to Japan, I had a lot to do on my bucket list. And if I didn’t already give it away with how I started off this post, some of those things also included visiting a few anime-related experiences. Yes, while in Japan I took some time to visit both the Pokémon Mega Centre, which was a childhood dream coming into full reality and also a stop I highly recommend for any lover of Japanese pop culture.

Other highlights of my trip include a trip to the Tokyo Sky Tree, having sushi in the fish markets of Tokyo,  and seeing the hustle and bustle of Shibuya. Of course being the fashion lover that I am, being able to visit the unique district of Harajuku where Japanese street style was born as well as eating at the Kawaii Monster Café and seeing a live show put on by traditional Harajuku girls, were experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

So to all my fellow Canadians and Japanese travellers looking to take a trip to Tokyo for the first time, I HIGHLY recommend taking look at the amazing direct flight path now offered by Air Canada to and from Tokyo Narita Airport. You can even upgrade to Premium Economy or First Class! I promise you its a trip you definitely won’t be disappointed that you took!

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Photos by Aram Eginliyan