Bringing a whole new meaning to booking that flight

For those of you who follow along with me on social media, you’ll know that 2023 has been a busy year full of new adventures, new experiences, and new destinations. I’ve loved where the year has brought me as I celebrate ten years of blogging, and inch towards my 40th birthday in October. I know that for many of you out there it’s also simultaneously been a busy and amid year, and for many of us, we haven’t made the time to take care of ourselves in the ways we probably should. Inspired by a recent trip, I think this is the sign you need to book that flight you’ve been thinking about – but with a twist.

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So… Who Wants to Come to Cuba With Julio & I?

While we are all in full swing during the holiday season, I know that after a busy year I could use a perfect getaway to relax and unwind – To Chill Out even. That’s why I am so excited  to share that in February 2023 Julio & I will be partnering with Air Canada Vacations to celebrate Pride with some fun under the Cuban sun! 

Yes, that’s right – Air Canada Vacations’ Chill Out Event is back and now is the perfect time to book your tickets to join all your favourite fabulous people in the sun for an experience like no other!

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Seeing and Experiencing Vancouver for the First Time

As many of you would have seen, Julio and I recently shared that we would be heading to Vancouver for our fifth wedding anniversary – click here to read about why we feel safe in doing so.

Having had the pleasure of traveling to the west coast a few times already for the blog, I’ve had my magical mountains and Pacific ocean moments and I cherish them. That being said, with four days to fill, I thought I’d share with you what seeing and experiencing Vancouver for the first time is going to be like for Julio.

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Ce N’est Jamais Trop Tard!

Aujourd’hui, il fait plutôt frais à l’extérieur et sachant que le baromètre va certainement continuer de descendre, je suis tout emmitouflé au bureau. Pour réchauffer mon corps et mes pensées un peu plus, je rêve aux voyages qui me permettraient d’explorer des racoins du monde que je n’ai pas encore visité. Tandis que la plupart des canadiens vont probablement se diriger en voyage vers le sud pour éviter le froid (et oh comme je les comprend!), je pense vouloir aller quelque part de nouveau, d’inédit. Ma vie déborde de changements de nos jours – pourquoi ne pas aussi faire mon premier grand voyage solo? Et pourquoi ne pas choisir une destination que je n’ai jamais encore considérée? D’après moi, c’est toujours le bon temps pour planifier un voyage, et vous savez déjà que nous aimons tellement partir à l’aventure avec Air Canada! Continue reading “Ce N’est Jamais Trop Tard!”