A Wellness Weekend Away with Ford

Lately, I’ve been working overtime to keep up; juggling two full-time jobs, plus trying to stay on top of my health and fitness game isn’t easy. Most days, weekends included, I operate in overdrive. So I was ecstatic when I received the invite to attend a wellness weekend in Montebello, Quebec with Ford Canada. My body desperately craved some much needed rest and relaxation. How did Ford know I needed a weekend just to chill out?

En route to Montebello, I picked up the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi SE and experienced one of the most calming drives through nature. I took full advantage of all the cool features Ford offers: voice-activated SYNC technology, so I could be the DJ and drive simultaneously, and ample storage to fit my XL green smoothie plus snacks. And thanks to the enhanced active park assist, I never had to awkwardly parallel park – because the car did it for me. On top of all that, an awesome feature is the FordPass app, which helped me locate parking, locked the car from a mile away and was ready to connect me to Road Side Assistance, just in case.

When we arrived at the resort, guests from the group and I participated in a wellness workshop, where we learned how to avoid burnout – and most importantly, how to drive with wellness in mind. I didn’t realize until this trip how my muscles tense when I sit in a car; sometimes they’re so stiff I feel like the tin man by the time I get out… Not okay! But on this trip, it was no worries, because Ford had my back. Literally. Some of their models have multi-contouring massaging seats. Ford takes travel to a whole other level.

After the workshop, I beelined it to the spa; it’s beautiful as it overlooks the river and surrounding forest with a giant fireplace in the heart of the salon. I enjoyed a massage with specialty essential oils that reflected the forests and lakes of the region.

The night began with a delicious dinner at restaurant Aux Chantignoles, where we indulged in a 3-course meal. And yes, I left room for dessert. Following dinner, we huddled around a bonfire underneath the stars. Bright and early the next morning I hopped in the 2017 Ford Escape Titanium and we headed for the trails at Kenauk Nature. Our wellness weekend came to an end with an invigorating yoga session on the beach.

I cruised in the 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport back to Ottawa, but had to stop for a poutine before leaving Montebello. When in Quebec, right? On the drive home, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly grateful for this experience.

We spend so much time in vehicles, travelling from point A to B, usually on a time crunch – driving is often stressful. That’s why Ford integrates health and wellness platforms into their new vehicles; they just get it when it comes to health. From now on, my car is my Zen Zone – my quiet time where I can focus on myself, enjoy the moment and take in the beautiful Canadian scenery. Or can still be my party zone on the highway while I commute to work at 7:00am, blasting Usher and Diddy. It’s called balance, right? Either way, it’s a car that allows me to #GoFurther on the road and in life.

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With love & gratitude,


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Photos by Hannah Rauhanen, CNP