Active Minds Need Interactive Designs

Learning has always been an issue for me. I don’t usually bring it up in conversations as an adult about how going through school was a bit tough, as it took me some time to comprehend basic things – such as counting my numbers, letters of the alphabet, vocabulary and more.

As a parent, you always want your children to achieve ultimate greatness in everything that they do. My son Lincoln has an active mind and I want to make sure that I feed it appropriately with tools that are engaging and fun! Learning new things should never be stressful and I find that the more fun they have, the easier it is to attain and ultimately use that knowledge.

Recently, Lincoln has been really into the LeapFrog Leap Start 3D. He’s been asking for some form of a tablet or device he can use for reading, since he began to pick it up more through senior kindergarten. We don’t always have the time to get to the library, so the Leap Start 3D has been a great tool to get Lincoln ready for the school season and has really changed his comprehension skills with letters and numbers.

It’s great to see him dive into the interactive animations! They’re eye-catching, and use animal or items that are non-threatening, making it easier to learn. Bringing the books to life is important and fosters creative thinking. I can then see an improvement when it comes to reading, there is more enthusiasm rather than hiding away from learning as there used to be last year. We’re really working on his vocabulary, sounding out words and being able to know the meaning of those words. The stylus that is used to help with reading and selection, promotes proper grip for writing. As a movement educator, this really excites me. There are quite a few children who have trouble up until grade 5 or 6 with gripping a pencil. This young boy has been using the stylus well and when he is writing in is notebook, the way he holds his pencil has changed in a few short weeks. He begins to change the positioning so that it’s similar to how he holds the Leap Start stylus.

There’s a boost in his confidence as it has become easier to spot out certain words in the newspaper or books he has in his mini library. He never took an interest in the books we collected together when he began reading in junior kindergarten. That’s why one of my favourite things about the Leap Start is the LeapStart library. There are up to 400+ repayable activities that can grow with your child as they advance in their learning abilities. For me, it provides the ability to add something different into our routine after those light homework days and when we’re just in the mood for learning before bed.

Look, it’s important to fuel your child’s reading comprehension, reading fluency, mathematical reasoning, and social skills! I understand that some of us as parents didn’t always have these options, but it’s great that they’re out there for our kids to enjoy and learn without fear. Practice makes progress and I find even doing these activities with Lincoln has helped me when it comes to problem solving some basic things in my work life. My fear is starting to dissipate every time he opens the Leap Start or begins to show me the new things he has learned in school with a new sense of passion. Active minds need interactive designs and the Leap Start 3D is the tool to begin with!!

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Here’s to making learning fun again!


Mom + Movement Teacher

Photos taken by Ro and Kelly Cobus Photography