Brands That Deserve To Be Celebrated For Giving Back

Let’s be honest. There is a lot of overwhelming new and information being thrown at us every single day during the current climate around the world. While I don’t want to dismay the importance of staying informed, sometimes I think it is important to try and change the narrative. So today I am taking the time to share brands that are giving back in ways that deserve to be celebrated.

Endy is doing some amazing work as I read this morning on Daily Hive

“Recently, we were devastated to learn that medical staff at St. Paul’s Hospital — the doctors and nurses going to battle for us — were sleeping on hospital stretchers, just to get by. We knew we had to help.”

Canada Goose has decided to provide a full response to COVID-19 which has blown me away. As seen on their response landing page (click here)

“As part of our Response Program, we’re helping to address the urgent need facing healthcare workers in Canada with a commitment to produce scrubs and gowns at our manufacturing facilities across the country. Production and distribution will begin in our Toronto and Winnipeg facilities the week of March 30, 2020.”

Velas Resorts is offering stay at home programming so that we can be #BetterTogether while we all patiently wait to visit their locations again.

Fitness brands have really pivoted to help make at home fitness easier for us all. Sweat and Tonic of course has offered some of the most comprehensive and robust programming for those of you wanting to take advantage.

Walmart Canada has stepped up with donations back into the community when we need it most.

Let’s not forget Canada’s national treasure Ryan Reynolds. Via his Aviation Gin company he is donating back to Canadian Bartenders who are in dire need.

So to these brands, and many more, thank you for what you’re doing. Each of us has the power of change, and you have helped to show the world that Canadians are here to help however we can.

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