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I am a firm believer that we are all meant to embrace our uniqueness in life. That was a really tough lesson for me to learn as I grew up. Unlike my husband, I had a hard time finding my footing socially and struggled with accepting myself. Now, much more confident in myself and who I am, I respect brands that enforce the idea of doing what makes you happy. Especially if I am a fan of the brand to begin with, it can really reinforce why I buy their products on a regular basis. 

By now you’re most likely aware of the new products available from Diet Coke Canada. But that’s not what we are here to talk about. For me, it’s the importance of embracing the fact that if you like something, you should do it. There is a refreshing message in their latest round of commercials and I genuinely appreciate them even more (if that’s possible) as a consumer. 

You all know by now that I love a good commercial and ad. Especially if it speaks to the way in which we all, as normal Canadians, shop and think. Yes, I like to drink a Diet Coke sometimes because I love the product. It reminds me of my mom when we were growing up in Toronto and Montreal. On friday nights, we were allowed to have pizza and diet coke for dinner. It became a treat and a tradition that I look back on fondly. Nowadays, the new iteration of the brand still speaks to me and for that I am grateful. 

Not to mention that I’ve been lucky enough all these years later to work with the family of Coca Cola Canada on several occasions. They make sense to me, and to who I am on a daily basis. And if they make sense for you too, enjoy it.

Do what makes you happy. It’s just that simple. 

These ads make the most sense of any ad I’ve shared before. After all, we’re just Real People Doing Real Things™  with you all from coast-to-coast in Canada, and around the world! 

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Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos were taken with Catherine’s #HuaweiP20 on the Rogers network