Events | Barefoot Winery is leaving its footprint on World Pride Toronto

For those of you who are unaware, June 20th 2014 marked the official kick off to World Pride Toronto. A celebration and gathering in support of unity, love and inclusion for all. As I have written about, our entire blog family is participating in one way or another. Be it in support of Pride By Design, #GetTheFOutThere and many other amazing events, the week brings together a community on an international scale. One of the biggest supporters of the pride ideal worldwide is Barefoot Winery and their delicious products. For years, this brand has associated itself with inclusion and support, love and blind understanding. Let me tell you about what they have in store for World Pride Toronto and why you should be a part of it all with us!

Based upon the ideal that hundreds of thousands of unique footprints will step into Toronto for this years monumental gathering, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly came up with an amazing idea. Why not collect the footprints of those attending and create a flag out of it all to walk in the historic World Pride parade?

“To crowd-source the historic 800 square foot parade flag, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly will activate a unique flag creation station where WorldPride revellers and trans* community members can leave a footprint that will be captured digitally and screened to a master graphic that will be printed on the flag inspired by the iconic LGBTQI rainbow image.”

I’m absolutely in love with this idea. Obviously they will need to purchase a titan telescoping flagpole or something similar so that they can actually fly the flag once it has been completed, but I am so excited to see the finished product. The inclusion of people of all kinds and all walks of life to walk along with Barefoot Wine & Bubbly in a parade that celebrates life and the beauty within it… Now that is a powerful message that the world should listen to and practise.


At the head of this amazing idea is Randy Arnold, the original “Barefooter” (brand ambassador), who has been a key catalyst in the brand’s inclusion and role in the World Pride Activities taking place all week long. With Randy at the helm, “Barefoot Wine & Bubbly has been supporting LGBTQ not-for-profits for 24 years, now pouring over 250,000 glasses of wine at LGBTQ related events annually. The brand currently sponsors 250 Pride events globally.”

So make sure that when you see the Barefoot Wine & Sparkling boys & girls out and about this week that you say hi and ask how you can be a part of the flag too! I can’t wait to see your footprint walk down in support of all the good that comes of Pride, World Pride Toronto and genuine love for one another.

To find Barefoot Wine “Barefooters” and their delicious products around the city of Toronto during #WP14TO, make sure to Follow @BarefootWineCA and remember to tweet us both when you make YOUR footprint on the road to a better world with the official Barefoot Wine World Pride 2014 Flag!

Oh and did I forget that what better way to toast to World Pride then with Barefoot Wine & Bubbly? Check out the Barefoot Wine website to locate your local Barefoot Wine provider.


Photos: Barefoot Winery & Julio Reyes taken with our Samsung Canada GALAXY Camera 2

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.


Daniel Desforges