Food & Wine | Alvear Sherry & The Summer Cocktail

The more that I talk about the summer season and its subsequent cocktails, the more I get excited for the possibilities. I like to think of mixology and bartending in the same way that I do cooking. It’s truly an art and meant to be experimented with alongside beautiful ingredients and an adventurous spirit. The trend of classic cocktails and their resurgence has been a topic that I have spoken to before and I’m sure will mention again throughout the summer. Recently I ventured in the world of Spanish Sherry with Bodegas Alvear Wines and found that this once over looked item can truly make your summer cocktails something to remember. Let me tell you how here!



Alongside my friends at THR & Co located in Toronto, I had the opportunity interact with an Alvear family member and descendent of this long line of wine making family heritage. Together we discussed how Spanish Sherry, unlike its namesake cousins, offers more complexity in flavour based upon the hot Spanish sun. Just thinking about it makes me dream of Barcelona and the beautiful Spanish countryside. The Alvear Family has been making wine since 1729. Yup. They’ve been doing this for a long time. So the fact that I had the chance to chat with Maria Alvear who spoke of her family’s heritage and love truly made me appreciate what they produce and have to offer in their products.

“Alvear is one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned bodegas in Andalucía, boasting extensive vineyards that are located in the most famous estates in the Sierra de Montilla y Moriles (Córdoba).”


Available in both a sweet and dry option, Sherry itself is classically enjoyed on ice. By adding it to your favourite summer beverage, you add a layer of smothe decadence and enhanced flavours. Why not try adding Alvear’s Fino Montilla to your after work martini to give a dry finish with hints of sweetness that round out a stiff drink after a long day at the office? Or better yet, add Alvear’s Amontillado to a freshly made margharita instead of triple sec for a layer or sweetness and richness that will play with the tequila of choice and have your guests asking for seconds almost right away. Simple introductions to the classics or altogether new recipes, the price of this Spanish Sherry is incredible and makes it so that you can truly get playful with your next cocktail recipe!

Their products are available at the LCBO here & here and can be found across the country in your local liquor store. Make sure to check out the Bodegas Alvear Website for more details on the family history and their beautiful products. Truly an incredible addition to any summer cocktail and a conversation starter on any occasion, make sure to try both  flavours and play with your cocktail recipes like you would a good recipe.


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Photos: Bodegas Alvear

Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.


Daniel Desforges