Events | Finding inspiration one step at a time with the Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School

I like to believe that every great journey in life begins with that very first step. Whether that is traveling the world to find yourself and your dreams, or taking a step back in time to remember who you really are and where you came from. Being a Manitobah Mukluks fan since I was quite young, an appreciation that I owe entirely to my mother, I was intrigued when I heard about the new Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School in partnership with the TreadRight Foundation taking place at the Bata Shoe Museum.

“The Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School is a non-profit, national indigenous artisan-run program that seeks to showcase and teach the art of mukluk-making to aboriginal youth and non-aboriginal visitors in the hopes of preserving this tradition for generations to come. … The new school in Toronto offers weekly Sunday sessions, taught by two indigenous artisans who both have learnt their craft from their ancestors, until June 2017. The school will not only help sustain indigenous craft while providing cross–cultural exchange with non-First Nations visitors, but it will also create real opportunities and life skills for aboriginal artisans to showcase their culture to a wide, global audience.”

I am excited to be attending a session of my own with these talented artists and encourage you to click here to sign up for a class before it’s too late! Why not learn something about our past as Canadians while taking a step towards a new skill? To join in on the social media conversation around The Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot School, make sure to follow @Manitobah on Twitter & Instagram, and ‘Like’ their Facebook Page. Use and follow the #ManitobahPride hashtag to show us BTS moments from your class and what inspired you the most. We can’t wait to join in with you!

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Photos: Manitobah Mukluks Storyboot SchoolTreadRight Foundation & Daniel Reyes


Daniel Reyes

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