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Just last week, Lyric had a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a one-on-one cooking lesson from Logan Guleff, the winner of MasterChef Junior Season 2. A recent survey showed that while 90% of parents believe that teaching kids to cook is an important part of helping them live healthier lives, only 12% let their kids help cook. That’s a HUGE gap! This is when Uncle Ben’s teamed up with Logan in their new campaign,!

“At Uncle Ben’s, we strive to create a world of healthier meals and better habits for kids. We believe the more kids know about good food and great ways to cook, the better their life will be!” Uncle Ben’s created Ben’s Beginners to encourage, motivate and reward kids and families in Canada, and to show everyone how they can quickly whip up a wholesome rice dish. It is also an initiative that encourages parents to get cooking with their kids.

During their 12 week campaign, Logan will show us tips and tricks for kids in the kitchen, along with recipes that are fun to make, delicious, and good for them. Lyric joined Logan in making Chicken Fried Rice with a Pineapple Punch. I have to admit, I definitely fall into the category of not having their kids help in the kitchen, so this was a fun thing to do and see how Lyric would fair. I think he had a great time, learned lots and even tried food I didn’t think he would!


To get families cooking together, has started a contest. To enter, a parent/guardian and their child check out our weekly cooking challenges, create a dish using the proposed ingredients, and then upload a photo of their creation to Participants may enter once weekly, for a total of 12 entries, each giving them a chance to win* 1 of 3 prizes of $10,000CDN which may be used towards an RESP! Now THAT is an incredible incentive to get cooking! For more information head to!

A big thank you goes out to Logan for being so gracious and kind in teaching Lyric how to cook like a pro!

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