How I’m planning to make a difference this holiday season

When it comes to the holidays, I know it’s easy to lose yourself in the decorations, nostalgia and music. I love all of those things more than most, and my tree has been up since November 1st but it’s also important to remember that this time of year allows us to make a difference in the world where and when we can. Especially nowadays, I like to believe that small gestures of kindness and joy can have the biggest impact of all. Here’s how I’m planning to make a difference this holiday season with WWF-Canada.

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From Paw Patrol to the perfect holiday gift ideas

With my way to my 40th birthday on October 17th, I like to think that age is just a number – though I am making some extra groans and noises when I get out of bed these days! All that aside, I have always been a big kid at heart and have loved being married to an equally playful and incredible human being. We LOVE anything Pokemon, Nintendo, LEGO, Barbie and so much more. It’s why I am so excited that Toys”R”Us Canada is opening a BRAND NEW location right here in Ottawa just in time for the fall and upcoming holiday season, and I wanted to share the opening weekend festivities with you all so you can join us there!

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Even more reasons to love your kitchen

Over the last five years (pandemic inclusive thinking) I have oscillated between always being in the kitchen, to not being in it for weeks at a time while traveling for work. It’s always been a telltale sign of my happiness and feeling mentally centered. By that I mean, that I am evidently happy and feeling like myself most when cooking. Some of you out there will understand exactly what I mean by that, and to those of you, I wanted to share a few more reasons why I love my kitchen this year.

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My tips on making a patio makeover easier

For those of you who didn’t know, a few years ago my husband embarked on helping to find a multi-generational home with his mom and brother. Living in Toronto, it took some time, but with the help of an amazing real estate agent, they found a condo in the Jane & Eglinton area. While the building was quite ordinary from the outside, the interior has been renovated to perfection and it was a fit!

A few years later, during a visit to the city, we sat in the living room chatting and I looked out onto a 12 x 12 balcony that had been mostly unused. That’s when I decided it was time to transform the space into the outdoor oasis the family deserved, and today I wanted to share exactly how I did that!

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