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Food & Wine | Ready to take your #TyrrellsFirstBite with Tyrrells English Chips?

Okay. Listen. I may be working REALLY hard to get back into shape, but there is one thing I have a serious weakness for. Salty, crispy and delicious potato chips. So when my friends at Tyrrells English Chips decided to send over a parcel of their latest flavours, I essentially HAD to say yes. Did I also mention that they contain no artificial ingredients, are gluten free AND vegan friendly? If you haven’t have a chance to try this “Exceedingly English” brand of yummy goodness, I’ve got all the reasons why you should!

“Tyrrells chips are made from the finest, carefully selected potato varieties in the county of Herefordshire England. Made with no artificial ingredients (they are gluten free and vegan friendly too!) they make the perfect snack whether enjoyed in England or abroad.”

We had the pleasure of trying the three following flavours and I encourage you to click on each image to learn a little more about them!




We also were among a few select people to get the newest flavour, English Barbecue (note that this link is on the UK site and will added to our side of the pond soon enough!), which will surely be a hit here in Canada among the other delicious flavours. I enjoyed that their newest flavour doesn’t taste artificial or synthetic. A mild smoky taste with just a hint of sweet atop the perfect crispiness? Yup. I was hooked.

I found the following clip on YouTube and loved it so much I had to share it. It’s very à la “How It’s Made” and also because I would have known how to pronounce Herefordshire properly.

For other information on Tyrrells English Chips, be you a long time fan or a #TyrrellsFirstBite, make sure to check out

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Photos: Tyrrells English Chips


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