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Let’s be honest, life is busy. Sometimes we forget to stop and pay attention to the simple things that make us happy like love, laughter, and most importantly food. With busy schedules, family, friends, emails, tweets,… Where do you find the time to stop and enjoy beautiful food? The ease and convenience of home delivery food products is becoming more and more predominant in the busy world we live in. But I have never, ever, seen something quite like The Carnivore Club. It is exactly what it sounds like and their slogan is perfect. “Satisfy Your Inner Carnivore.”

A membership based program that delivers not only delicious “meatatarian” options to you that change each month, but also information to educate you on what you are eating. Helpful hints of wine pairings and ingredients unabashedly listed, this was really fun to experience. In a faux wooden print box (which I have kept because I loved it so much), air tight sealed product of various flavours and intensity await you.

“Our mission is to help discerning individuals discover the best meat the world has to offer, every single month. Why? Because you earned it.”


I was lucky enough to receive my first Carnivore Club shipment prior to a night in with friends. Upon opening the box, I found myself with Cacciatore Sausage, Prossciutto, Pancetta, Sopressata Schiacciata Salami & Salametto Rustico. After reading the ingredients and consulting my “Meat Eaters Handbook”, I prepared a selection of them for my guests and we all enjoyed the variety and the freshness. Think of this as a butcher bringing to you the best he has to your front door for your enjoyment. Indecisive like me? It’s perfect insofar as your 4-6 monthly options change and allow you to try something new alongside classics from around the world.


Not to mention their hilarious YouTube video:

At $50.00 a month, I think it’s a great option for those who love to entertain and anyone looking to experience meat in a whole new way. Gifting options are available as well as one time purchases if you are weary and want to test the waters first. Not sure if this is for you? I suggest you check out their Instagram & Twitter pages to get you salivating and on board as the newest member of The Carnivore Club with #DoTheDaniel.

AND you now have a #DoTheDaniel $10 Discount on your first purchase! Simply use Promo Code:  DTDCC

Photos: Carnivore Club & Julio Reyes


Daniel Desforges