My Love Affair with Google Continues

So it’s no shock that I am a huge fan of all things Google – you just have to click here to see for yourself if you don’t already know – and while it may feel as though I was just gushing around the Google Pixel 6 Pro (here) I am now 100% fangirling over the rumours and speculations around the launch of the Google Pixel 7. For those of you out there feeling the same I thought I’d break down a few of the rumours and see if we can’t get to the bottom of the big question – when WILL it be available in Canada and will I get it in time for my birthday on October 17th?

I had a deep dive online via #GooglePixel7 & #GooglePixel7Pro and I think the most Google lovers and fans would agree that Google is aiming to launch in October 2022. That works beautifully for me and my birthday Wishlist which has the Google Pixel 7 Pro and all the new accessories at the top (someone tell Julio and my friends at Google, ok? 😉)

As reported in Forbes “The rear photos show that the distinctive and unique camera bar will be retained on the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, with the main difference that the bar will switch from all-glass to metallic. Two cameras for the Pixel 7 and three for the Pixel 7 Pro are clearly visible in the images Google has shared. Beyond those images, rumors suggest that the new phones could have a flat display on the Pixel 7, but a gently curved one on the Pixel 7 Pro. Under-display fingerprint sensors are expected on both, while the screen refresh rates will be as now, that is, 90Hz on the regular, and 120Hz on the Pro.”

Also some online believe that the unannounced #GooglePixel7Ultra is about to blow our minds. Speculative, all I know is that if it’s the top of the line in the 7 family of products, I need to have it and share it with you all the MOMENT I can.

I am old enough to remember getting new phones from new companies every year, and since launching the blog almost ten years ago I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing mobile device companies. None of them have gotten me this excited and thankfully I have had the pleasure of working with Google with past models and devices. The buzz around Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7 Pro, and other speculated models has me ready to hopefully do so again and bring you all along with me on the ride so you can too enjoy the best of the best.

I know there’s so much in the world that it can all feel overwhelming. So if you had the chance to get excited about an upgrade like I am, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to remind yourself that deserve only the best.

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