Holiday Must Haves | Get into Holiday Mode & expect more from the holidays with TELUS

When it comes to the holidays, the newest smartphone from Samsung Canada or tech toy is always a good option. But if you’re like me, you might not be the most tech savvy person… it’s one of the many reasons why this holiday season I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping at my nearest TELUS store. As you would have seen, we recently introduced you to the newest TELUS store concept here in Toronto at CF Toronto Eaton Centre. Asides from having the hottest items for those on your shopping list, #TeamTELUS is also there to help you understand what you are buying. AND they are encouraging us all to #ExpectMore this holiday season. Come see some of our favourite items available at TELUS and how they can help to make your holidays better!

When I say that team TELUS is there to help, I mean it. Asides from friendly customer service, their learning centres are available to help us understand the sometimes complicated world we live in and to offer guidance.

“TELUS is obsessed with delivering an unmatched customer experience and ensuring their customers get the most out of their new phone, accessories and connected products. As part of this commitment, TELUS offers personalized, one-on-one sessions with expert learning specialists through their unique Learning Centres. TELUS Learning Specialists cover everything from basic device functionality to helpful tips and tricks for the most advanced users. If you’re looking for mobile health accessories for the fitness fanatic in your life, their TELUS Health Tech Trainers will make sure you walk away with the best wearable that fits their health goals. 

Both their Learning Centre Specialists and Health Tech Trainers sessions are complimentary, and can be booked online or in-store. With a TELUS Learning Centre session, your loved one can feel confident using their new smartphone, accessories or wearable tech to its full potential!”

The expect more idea is one that I’ve fallen in love with for the holidays. It’s all about loving the devices and gadgets we buy for those we love, but also remembering to put them down and enjoy the holidays. What a novel idea!

“TELUS believes that during the holidays there’s no greater connection than the human connection.  And while we’re always looking at ways to give our customers awesome service all year long, we also recognize that sometimes, the best present is being present with those who matter most. You can visit  for tips on getting into Holiday Mode.”

I know that as someone who is always on his phone for the blog, sometimes it’s difficult for me to disconnect. But thanks to TELUS, I am reminded that the holidays are about special moments with the ones I love. I need to remember that above all else, they are the most important part of the season. And that is why I will spoil them with gifts from TELUS and be present when they open their presents!

Two ways to do this are with the adorable Holiday Mode Sweaters & Holiday Mode Fireplace!


“Wrap your device in the season’s hottest wearable while you spend time with your loved ones.” Click here to download a knitting pattern.


“Turn your phone into a crackling fireplace and make every conversation a fireside one.” Click here to download a papercraft fireplace to put your phone away.

For more inspiration on getting into The Holiday Mode, make sure to check out

So… what gifts from TELUS are on the top of my list? Click each image below for more details:

TELUS gift ideas DoTheDaniel

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TELUS gift ideas 2

TELUS gift ideas 3


Also, don’t forget to check out the entire TELUS gift guide online.

To join in on the social media conversation, make sure to follow @TELUS on Twitter and Instagram.  Use the #ExploreMore hashtag to show us which items top your holiday wish list. And don’t forget to put your phone down this holiday season to enjoy the special moments with your loved ones as they open their gifts from TELUS.

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Photos: TELUS & Daniel Reyes


Daniel Reyes