A Tradition Worth Smiling About

Now that the holiday season is right around the corner, many of you are probably noticing that your favourite stores and coffee shops are switching over their displays and putting out gift ideas to get us all into the holiday spirit. I personally love this time of year as the world around me gets excited for the season ahead and I start to collect and purchase items for those I love. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am a really good gift giver and usually have something planned that is incredibly thoughtful or that someone in my life mentioned months ago and I made note of. So not only did I want to tell you about an item I buy every year for friends and family, but it is also something that I love collecting for myself too!  Continue reading “A Tradition Worth Smiling About”

Sharing What’s Nouveau Just in Time For The Holidays

This past weekend, Julio & I put up the Christmas tree and started to decorate for the holidays. With a trip to Paris around the corner, not to mention dinner plans with friends and family leading up to the holidays, it’s time for me to start thinking about what gifts I am getting. Not only for those I love, but also for myself ! I am fond believer that during the holidays it’s important to remember to give yourself a gift as well, because in my opinion, you’ve earned it!  Continue reading “Sharing What’s Nouveau Just in Time For The Holidays”

Contest | Why The Kenmore Pro Blender by Sears Canada makes an amazing gift this holiday season!

I’ve shared in years past that Sears Canada has been a part of my holiday tradition for as long as I can remember. This year, when they asked me to help celebrate the launch of the new Kenmore Pro Blender for Sears, I immediately got inspired to share a new recipe for the holidays. Not to mention that I am excited to be giving one lucky Canadian the chance to WIN one of their very own – valued at over $149.97. Come see what I got up to in the kitchen and how you can enter today.  Continue reading “Contest | Why The Kenmore Pro Blender by Sears Canada makes an amazing gift this holiday season!”

Travel & Lifestyle | PayPal Canada is helping to make the holidays happier

Now that the cold weather has arrived, and I can put away the summer clothes for another year, I am officially in holiday mode. This week I’ll be pulling out the decorations and getting the condo feeling festive for Julio, Canela & I. That also means that it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. It should come as no surprise that I love using PayPal Canada on a regular basis for purchases ranging from The Chic Canuck must haves to movie tickets on date night. Recently I got a chance to celebrate the upcoming holiday season with fellow media members for a special #PayPalHolidays dinner and gift exchange. Today, I want you to know why using PayPal this holiday season will allow you to shop confidently AND I’m sharing my tricks to being a good gift giver! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | PayPal Canada is helping to make the holidays happier”