I Found the BEST Caesar in Toronto

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing great! After having all of these Caesars, I know I definitely am. So, there have been a variety of articles done about the best Caesars in Toronto. However, I’m here to count down to the best one in Toronto, with a fancy ranking system and all (okay, not really so fancy). But before we begin, I wanna make it clear that every drink in this list is pretty fantastic and I encourage everyone to try them all but… there is a winner.

7) La Palette

Price: $12

Appearance: 3/5

Spice Level: 2/5

Overall Taste: 2.5/5

I loved this pairing with the oyster. It is optional and does cost extra, however, this really adds something to the drink. The drink is definitely not my favourite Caesar – it was actually lacking a bit in flavour. But there was a slight spice to it that paired so well with the oyster. I also loved the presentation and look of the drink.

6) The 3 Brewers

Price: $5

Appearance: 2/5

Spice Level: 2.5/5

Overall Taste: 3/5

The 3 Brewers is always so much fun! I’m a huge fan of their variety in beer and beer-based cocktails. This one is called a “Bloody Baesar”. It’s made up of a Blonde Ale, Clamato juice, Tabasco, and Worcestershire – so essentially a normal Caesar with blonde beer in it.

5) Queen St Warehouse

Price: $12

Appearance: 3/5

Spice Level: 3/5

Overall Taste: 3.5/5

This one was pretty delicious. I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly unique, but the rim is a bit spicier than usual and the Corona on top is the perfect touch. It’s similar to Three Brewers in the sense that it has beer in it, but a Corona isn’t as light as a Blonde Beer, so it adds some bitterness to it – making this pretty amazing!

4) Cherry St. Bar-B-Que

Price: $14.50

Appearance: 4/5

Spice Level: 2.5/5

Overall Taste: 4/5

This Caesar was different – and I loved that. It had a sweet and smoky taste to it, paired with one of their signature side ribs which is also very smoky. If you’re a big fan of spicier Caesars like myself, this may not be your first option. I really did enjoy it because of the different and smoky taste, but it was just a tad too sweet for my liking! Overall though, it was still great! Plus, the food here is also crazy good.

3) Hunters Landing

Price: $16.00

Appearance: 5/5

Spice Level: 2.5/5

Overall Taste: 3.5/5

So, this is pretty much just your average Caesar. Clamato juice, Worcestershire, and a touch of Tabasco (yes, I watched the bartender make it.) What makes this one special is the appearance and pairings – the toppings were to DIE for! This included a slice of cheese pizza, a lobster tail, lemon, cucumbers, cheese, olives, hot peppers, and salami. Everything just paired so wonderfully with the drink.

NOTE: This is only served on Sundays between 11am and 3pm. I went during the week for dinner thinking I would get another one, but it’s only a brunch special!

2) R&D’s

Price: $14

Appearance: 3/5

Spice Level: 4/5

Overall Taste: 5/5

I was pleasantly surprised with this one! The appearance didn’t have me too excited, but it was a classic look. That being said, this one was smoky and spicy – making it SO freaking delicious. I literally wanted five more. If you’re a big fan of Caesars, this one is a MUST try.

1) Harlem Underground

Price: $19.95

Appearance: 5/5

Spice Level: 3.5/5

Overall Taste: 4.5/5

Okay so this one is THE best Caesar you can get in Toronto. Flavour is everything – spicy, sweet, and just the right amount of tomato. It isn’t too overpowering in one department. In addition to this, the pairing is amazing. You could literally have this for lunch! Everything is fried, the mouth-watering chicken, plantains, green beans, and waffles! It was simply amazing. It’s a bit on the pricier side but like I said, this is enough for an appetizer or lunch.

Now that you know the BEST of the best Caesars in Toronto, drink up! Cheers!

From Toronto with Love,

Gemma Mastroianni

Mobile photos taken with my NEW Huawei P10

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