5 Things I Never Thought I’d See At Osheaga

Those that have been following along with me as a music writer for the past few years know that Osheaga is my absolute favourite music festival- essentially what I am consistently looking forward to throughout the year. Hence why I am often seen posting old videos and photos, as a recognition of my nostalgia of my past experiences at the festival – click here to see my coverage during my time at #DoTheDaniel – as well as a representation of the excitement I feel for the event. This year I am excited to announce that The Soundtrack and Do The Daniel have partnered to share it all again with you all!

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Bloom Back!

Now that the semester is finally finished, I actually have time to breathe and do things for myself again. It feels pretty nice if I’m being perfectly honest. I’m now working part-time asides from staying busy with the blog, but it’s great to do things for myself and give back to those around me that I love.  Continue reading “Bloom Back!”