I Have a Confession…

It’s something I haven’t wanted to admit, because I am embarrassed. I’ve never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones. I haven’t watched Riverdale. And no, I haven’t seen Stranger Things. Hello my name is Daniel, and I need your help to pick my new Netflix Canada binge worthy show. 

You’ll remember that I recently attended a holiday themed event in Toronto, hosted by Netflix. It really helped me to realize that I am nowhere close to being able to carry on a conversation about some of the hottest shows of 2017. But all of that is about to change now that the extreme cold has arrived! I desperately want to join the #StreamTeam crew because they are #SquadGoals or 2018.

The fact remains that I have not watched a single episode of any of the hot 2017 shows below, and that’s awful! It’s time that I snuggle up on the couch with Julio and Canela to finally get caught up on some of the best programming out there. Because I am tired of not being able to talk about what happened in the latest episode, and feeling out of the loop on social media! 

So what have I been watching? Well I’m of course a HUGE fan of Jane the Virgin, Grace & Frankie, and Big Mouth. Eclectic is a good word for me I guess you could say. I like to think that binge worthy shows need to peak my interest and Netflix creates the perfect play list for me after a busy day running around Toronto. What am I most excited to watch over the remainder of the holidays and into 2018? The Crown & Stranger Things for sure. Both have such a loyal audience and I need to get into what they are all about. The Netflix audience is so loyal in Canada, and we all know we need some amazing shows to watch when it’s minus a million outside. 


The Crown, where even the slate board is elegant ?

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TBT to @milliebobbybrown’s first time in the paddling pool #strangerthings

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And of course, let’s not forget about the exciting new additions coming in January! 

So if you’re like me, and need to admit you need help getting into the world of Netflix Canada officially, make sure to join in the social media conversation by following @NetflixCA on Instagram and @Netflix_CA on Twitter. Let me know what shows you are binge watching and what I should get into – I can’t wait to hear your recommendations! For more details and to sign up to join us in 2018, make sure to check out the Netflix Canada website. 

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