Just when I thought I had experienced it all

I wanted to sit down to write a blog post about turning 40 and all thing moments, memories and experiences I’ve worked so hard to experience and share. Amid juggling the concept and structure of the blog post – a process which can sometimes take a few hours or a few days – I got a note from the team at Netflix Canada. It had just under a week since I last got behind the wheel of my car to drive to Toronto, but I knew it they asked I would do it again. Much to my surprise, the event in question was in Ottawa and was an intimate gathering around a mini series that was launching in early November. Little did I know that while ruminating on the past I was about to have an immersive experience that I simply had to tell you about.

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Events | Counting down the minutes to the #GilmoreGirls return with Netflix Canada

It is no shock that Gilmore Girls was a television phenomena that touched the lives of Canadians. For years, it seemed as though we were teased about a possible return to the small screen. When the official announcement came that Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life was coming to Netflix, the reaction was so positive that it was impossible to not get excited! I’d heard rumors about the return and had been longing for it, hoping that it would come to Netflix in Canada, and if it didn’t I’m pretty sure I would have hunted down the show using a site similar to this popcorn time download site. Thankfully, it did, and I was so excited! In fact, a lot of streaming services have upped their game in Canada, such as Netflix Canada and Hulu Canada. There are so many TV shows I’ve been wanting to get hold of for ages and now, here they are! I laugh when I realize that Catherine & I banter back and forth in a very Rory & Lorelai manner… so it only makes sense that I am inviting her over on November 25th to celebrate the return of television’s iconic mother and daughter duo. We are sharing some interesting facts about what Canadians are saying before the big day, and how you too can join in the excitement with Netflix Canada. If you’re not from Canada, but you want to see what the hype is about, you could find ways to watch Gilmore Girls. Perhaps some people could consider using a proxy to try and access Netflix Canada. By visiting free-proxy-list.net, more people could try and watch Gilmore Girls when it comes out. Hopefully, that will work.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Embracing our inner children with Nintendo

A fun fact that many of you might not know is that when Julio & I aren’t busy blogging or attending events, we are usually at home enjoy Netflix Canada or playing Nintendo games. Yes. We are that couple that like to unwind and embrace our inner child. That is why for Christmas, I simply had to surprise Julio with a brand new Wii U Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Set. These days, most of our #BehindTheScenes time together is spent full of laughter and trying to see who is the better gamer. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Embracing our inner children with Nintendo”