2018 Car #Goals

It’s a gloomy Sunday in Toronto and I am sitting at the office catching up on emails. Many of you will be hibernating from the unexpected snow that seems to be relentlessly coming back to haunt us. But, one of these days, the spring will be here. The sun will be back. And for me, roadtrip season will begin. I’ll be honest, I miss having a car. The more family focused I become, the more I realize that I’m going to need to invest in a car that suits me and my lifestyle. And recently I think I was introduced to the one I want to buy as we work towards our city life and it’s evolution continues. Plus, something tells me that Catherine and Julio wouldn’t mind a ride to the office every now and again during rush hour….

You’re going to assume what company that car was from. And for a long time, you would have been right. But now that I’ve gone back to my routes and personal experiences growing up, I’m realizing I needed a change on the scope of cars I was entertaining, and so did #DoTheDaniel.

The Hyundai KONA is just that change and it all came to me because of a great TV commercial. I’m the person who loves a good commercial that speaks to me, who I am, and what I need. Whether it’s sipping a Diet Coke and their latest ad, to the car I want to buy for Julio & I (and hopefully soon our children). I’m in a position where I think buying a new Hyundai is the best option for us but I know this isn’t the case for everyone. So, if you want a New Hyundai Lease – Rodo.com has more information about how to get one.

For as long as I can remember my Dad drove one brand of car. And my mom drove a Hyundai. I even almost bought an Hyundai Accent in my early twenties before I chose to use that money towards travel. My parents told me to learn about the different Hyundai models to see which I might want to buy (click here to learn about New Hyundai Cars & SUVs) but I spent my money on travel instead. That was when I had to make the choice in between both. But in my thirties, with a budget and a husband to help keep me on track, I can work towards a balance of both. A beautiful car that fits my busy life, and a vacation that we save towards like the majority of people do.

I mean, could you not see me in the driver’s seat of this beautiful vehicle? I haven’t been excited for a car like this in a long time. It feels like it fits my needs, my life, and who I am perfectly. If you’re a specs person, you can of course click here. But aside from the technology to make driving in the city easier, the biggest question I am having is what colour I would want to pick.

I can already picture packing the trunk, having Canela in the back seat while we work towards that baby seat, en route to Ottawa to visit my family or headed up to the cottage. But not just that, I also can see myself picking up Catherine as we drive into Toronto for an important meeting or to film another episode of Coffee with Catherine. The point is, I can see myself driving this car. I can see myself growing and becoming better behind the wheel. And if all goes well, I will make that happen this year for us.

Writing blog posts is important because it helps me share brands and experiences that I love. As much as it had become a successful business, it also needs to be a reflection of who we are. And the 2018 Hyundai Canada KONA is that for me now. Onto bigger & better things!

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Daniel Reyes

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