Less Tugging and More Holding

Since Lincoln was born, I’ve always stuck with short hairstyles. It was easier to maintain while nursing, running errands, tummy time and getting that rare 1-hour shower (#momlife) throughout the week. It only took eating several Southern meals and watching 6 seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta to figure out that I wanted to work towards the iconic top bun.

Hair growth is no easy feat; my hair requires weekly deep conditioning, protective hair styles like braids to flourish and with tightly coiled strands that can break brushes, the journey to the top has been tough! Just imagine Will Smith’s high-top fade (I rocked that hairstyle for a few months) and how careful he had to be to make sure that his hair looked fresh and moisturized. This all came down to daily hair care and weekly deep conditions that sometimes take up a better part of the day so that there is no damage. It’s only been two years since I’ve had the length to really experiment with different styles and accessories, along with the need of using salon professional hair products, but the hair I have now is worth it!

Being new to the top bun game took a lot of trial and error. How I put up my hair and the items I use to put it up are extremely important. The journey began with the classic black elastics that would use up their elasticity within 2 days, then have the audacity to break up with me when I needed them the most. It also became treacherous at the end of the day to take my bun out because it seemed like no matter how careful I was, an obscene amount of curls wanted to leave me too. The dreaded breakage everyday had me feeling like obtaining a top bun was out of my reach. There is also no denying that trying to take out an elastic and several braids falling out of your hair during a professional occasion is bit embarrassing too, so I was extremely excited when I found out about Ponytail Mail.

Created and shipped from Toronto, Canada, their hair ties are the perfect splash of wild and bold colours. The fabric of each tie is soft with fray-free ends, which means there is no need for me to fight with my hair every night as my curls unravel. There are no whimpers due to the loss of several strands of hair and on top of that I can wear a tie in my hair or on my wrist without it cutting my circulation! It makes this multifunctional fancy accessory a necessity and a dream.

I can’t tell you how many times I used to run to the store to pick up elastics only to never find them again. Well now these hair ties come to me, dropped right in my mailbox monthly or bi-monthly. There is no more fear of having to settle with what’s on the shelf. I can choose from three subscription options called The Starter, The Splurge and The Squad. While it’s possible to pick up single hair ties, the starter is a great way to create the foundation with 5 carefully curated colours. I’m a fan of the Squad life and which makes this option the best for me. 20 hair ties a month gives me at least a tie per day or two ties a day if used in my hair and as a bracelet. I can use the same colour scheme to tie (GET IT?!) it all together or get crazy with two different colours. If one of my girls is down a hair tie, then I don’t have to sacrifice the one in my hair and attempt to tie a knot with my braids which is way harder than you think!

Ponytail Mail has really figured out the game between hair and tie. No matter what style I’m rocking, afro or braided tresses, I can safely secure my hair in that top bun I’ve always dreamed of. My journey will be easier with ties straight to my door that provide less tugging and more holding. My break up days are finally over and yours can be too.

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Photos by Ro Nwosu