Let’s Talk About Cannabis, Shall We?

Whether you’re a regular smoker, are in the process of finding a good rig to use, or never want to touch the drug, one thing we can all agree with is that there are countless products on the market that all make different claims. Today, we’re going to be looking into these claims.

October 17th is not only my birthday but effectively two years ago in Canada, it was also the institution of The Cannabis Act. It does not escape me how funny it is that for the rest of my life my birthday will be associated with Canada leading the understanding, research, sale, and production of Cannabis and Cannabis products with cannabis banking solutions being an actual legitimate business. On the morning of yet another update to the act, and the ability for the industry to begin selling edibles, I wanted to share several brands that I feel deserve your attention.

When the Cannabis Act was signed into law, only certain marijuana products were given the green light when recreational pot sales began on Oct. 17, 2018. This included dried cannabis flower, cannabis oil, and sublingual sprays. The reason these other derivatives weren’t given immediate clearance likely had to do with some combination of giving the industry and regulators time to work out the kinks in a legal industry with no precedent – information taken via The Motley Fool

Now that the law has expanded to allow for more products to come to market, it should be noted it won’t be like we see a whole new line of products pop up immediately. There are processes and procedures in place that will probably mean we have a few weeks, if not months to wait, before the majority of additions of these products and brands become available to us. Certain things like CBD Oil have been available for some time and appeal to those looking more for the purported therapeutic benefits of the plant (such as relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and so on) rather than the high – this is how the product has managed to bypass many of the associated cannabis laws.

That being said, let’s talk about some of the brands and products I am most excited about as a Cannabis novice and someone – who like you – could use some guidance.

Olli Curated Cannabis Goods


“Olli crafts premium cannabis-infused teas and edibles. We work with best-in-class suppliers to offer quality ingredients and premium cannabis that is tested from seed to sale. Our exclusive tea blends are internationally sourced and chosen by our in-house, world-renowned tea sommelier, while our edibles are prepared by an award-winning chef who trained at Michelin-starred restaurants. Our unique products will not only provide pleasurably mild results for a no-surprises experience, they are also incredibly delicious. Think sips of wonderfully nuanced Mint Tea that is perfect to unwind at the end of the day or nibbles of irresistible Passion Fruit Toffee bites you’ll want to share with friends.”

Having tried the products without the infusion of cannabis – I can attest to the quality and dedication to flavour. With a superstar team like theirs behind the product lines coming to Canadians very soon, I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy the full line.

Hauté Health


“Our mission is to provide the highest quality medical marijuana products at the best prices possible. As most licensed producers and dispensaries in Canada sell their products at ridiculously high prices, many medical marijuana patients can’t afford their medicine. This is where we step into the game, if you want to buy medical marijuana online, you couldn’t find a better place.”

Funny enough I just only recently got introduced to the platform but love the one-stop-shop vibe of it all.

Emerald Health


We all know that I have a soft spot for Emerald Health and that I even came out of the Cannabis closet with them in 2018 – click here to read all about it – but funny enough the new products they have launched are in fact a UNIQUE cannabis-free product that supports the Endocannabinoid system almost like cannabis but without THC and CBD.

While I support the development of the Cannabis side of the industry, and it’s research, I am genuinely excited to try out these products now that they are available to Canadians in lieu of turning to pharmaceuticals. Natural remedies for my real concerns? Count me in.

“Emerald Endo-line is an award-winning line of products, already available in the US, that will meet the unmet needs of thousands of Canadians in terms of pain management, stress/anxiety, inflammation, insomnia and lack of energy.”

Parkdale Brass


“Parkdale Brass provides high quality, sleek, and 20th century inspired smoking pipes that are rugged and can withstand the ups and downs of day-to-day life. Driven by the desire to pay homage to the style and quality of smoke wear of the past, we create pipes with attention to detail and subtle sophistication. With brass as our main ingredient, we create resilient and durable pipes that are perfect for your real-life smoke sessions wherever they may be.”

I can’t wait to get my brand new pipe – I’ve opted for “The Brockton” so stay tuned when that arrives and make sure to check out their site for some beautiful items for your own home.


“COVE™ was born in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, a region known for producing some of the world’s finest cannabis. We started COVE™ by collecting and growing an assortment of our favourite cultivars. From there we focused on every detail of the process, selecting only the best colas from each harvest. At COVE™ we take the time to hand-trim all our dried flower, never settling for shortcuts. COVE™ tincture oils do not go through any secondary processing, which ensures the natural balance of the plant is maintained across all of our cannabis oils.”

Seriously cool activations and pop-ups around the city just speak to products that are tailored for me in my thirties. I don’t particularly identify with joint toking in your face Cannabis companies targeting twenty year olds. There is a sophistication to COVE, and I appreciate the nuance.

Dosist Canada


“dosist is known for our targeted formulas, proprietary award-winning dose controlled devices, rigorous testing, use of medical grade and recyclable materials, and our obsession with providing consumers with a safe, natural and repeatable experience.In 2016, we were described by Time Magazine as “cannabis that could replace pills.” In 2018, we were named by Fast Company as one of 2018’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the health sector, and in 2019, we were named by LinkedIn as the #2 Top Startup on the top 50 list of hottest U.S. companies.”

A company that has been patiently waiting for today, and one that I have fallen in love with from a branding and marketing perspective, I look forward to welcoming their line of products to Canada and trying them for myself.



humble+fume is Canada’s leading distributor of cannabis accessories to head shops, smoke shops and dispensaries. “Founded in 1998 by Robert Ritchot and his wife, Kimberly Thomas-Ritchot in Brandon, Manitoba. Named initially, BOBHQ, humble+fume is now more than 50 team members and continues to grow each day. Starting out as a simple operation, housed in a warehouse approximately 1500-sq.ft has grown to a state of the art 25,000-square foot facility today. In 2017, BOBHQ acquired Windship Trading, and Vapor Outlet to expand its reach across North America. In 2018, it rebranded as humble+fume, a name that honours its modest beginning, and one that is poised to become the face of the modern cannabis industry. The humble+fume team owes much of our success to all the loyal head shop and smoke shop retailers. Because of them, humble+fume has grown to become a leading distributor of cannabis accessories in North America.”

Not to mention the HUGE news about partnering with 48North to launch a wholly owned subsidiary of its company, “Fume Labs.”

If you don’t know the name yet, you will. Trust me.

All of these brands – amid a sea of others who are also working hard to innovate and lead the way in Canada and Globally – are on my radar effective today and moving forward. I encourage you to check them out, try them all, and let me know your thoughts.

This post is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal consumption age or in countries with restrictions on advertising on cannabis products. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never get high and drive.

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands I am working with around the world, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. I would love to have you join on my adventures!

Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes