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For those of you who have followed the progression of, you will know that when I love a brand I stick to it. I don’t believe in jumping around and being a so-called spokesperson for several conflicting brands at the same time simply because we are in demand. Why would I recommend something to you if I didn’t absolutely love it myself? Seems counter productive and a bit two-faced for those sites that choose to do so. But hey, to each their own…

One of my ABSOLUTE favourite brands is ofcourse Jabra. My previous features have touched on the Jabra Revo Shades of Grey Headphones  and the Jabra Revo Wireless headphones (I swear by my iconic white pair!). Well, coming to Canada in November, come and see the Jabra Stealth with #DoTheDaniel before you see it anywhere else and how I got to try it out recently as the first person in the country!

For those of you who follow us on social media (@Fashionights & @DoTheDaniel on both Twitter and Instagram), you will note that this past weekend FASHIONIGHTS hosted a HUGE contest with his #FSNLINCOLN contest with The 2015 Lincoln Motor Company of Canada MKC. His winners got to spend the day in the lap of luxury and live the life he lives all while enjoying this stunning new car. Follow the #FSNLINCOLN hashtag on social media to see our behind the scenes experience with his winners.

A fun fact that many people wouldn’t know is that Julio doesn’t actually drive. It’s probably for the best because I fear he would be wild behind the wheel… but all that to say that I got to play chauffeur for the day. Not that I am complaning. Any time you want to lend us a car Lincoln, you know where to find us!

Being that my hands were safely on the wheel at all times, I had to ensure that I was not distracted by my phone or mobile device and it proved to be the perfect time to give the Jabra Stealth a test drive. Pardon the pun.

Sleek, slim and all kinds of James Bond feeling… most people think of a handsfree headset and picture those awful clunkers of the past with flashing blue lights and awful connectivity. Jabra truly has truly taken the headset to a whole new level.

As I connected my device in a few simple steps and focused on the road, I couldn’t help but feel as though the device was an extension of me. Comfortable and easy to use, the connection was what impressed me the most. In the past, devices of this nature were scratchy and awkward to use. Not this device.

stealth benefits

Overall the Jabra Stealth became the perfect addition to busy day in the life we live. When behind the wheel, the only acceptable amount of attention away from driving is none at all. The Stealth launches in Canada in 2015 and for those of you looking for a hands free device that will seamlessly be an extension of your busy life, this is the device to get yourself. Priced to retail in the $99.99 range, this simple addition to your life can truly help alleviate the most important thing of all when driving and that is your safety and the safety of your passengers.


For more amazing products, make sure to Follow @Jabra on Instagram & @Jabra_US on Twitter. Stay tuned for 2015 and the innovative new products that one of my favourite companies has in store for the Canadian market. For more information and spec on the Jabra Stealth, make sure to click here.

For great Jabra products, make sure to head to your local Best Buy & Future Shop in November 2014 to get the latest Jabra Stealth and some other Jabra goodies while you’re at it to #SetSoundFree.

Photos: Jabra


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