Travel & Lifestyle | Setting goals & keeping them with New Balance Canada and Jabra

We all face it – the battle to stay fit and motivated amid our busy lives. I know that I personally have battled my weight my whole life. From very over weight to Julio’s size, I’ve been all over the map. When it comes to my fitness goals, I’ve recently started a journey towards being a healthier me once again. Thanks to both New Balance Canada & Jabra, I am now well equipped to not only set my goals, but also to keep them going every single day! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Setting goals & keeping them with New Balance Canada and Jabra”

#DoTheDaniel’s Holiday Gift Guide | Daniel

It’s officially December and the countdown is on to find the best gifts out there for you and your loved ones. The #DoTheDaniel team has been hard at work finding gifts that we personally have added to our letters to Santa and that you should consider in the coming weeks. Be you a Holistic Nutritionist, a Mom or a Foodie.. We have each come up with a list of items that are this season’s Holiday Must Haves. SO, without further ado, come and see what I have put together for my first ever Holiday Gift Guide for us all! Continue reading “#DoTheDaniel’s Holiday Gift Guide | Daniel”

Contest | Horrible Bosses 2 Toronto Pre-Screening & Prize Pack

With the Holiday season settling upon us (I’m still shocked I saw Christmas Decorations before Halloween…) I am in the mood to give away goodies and experiences. You won’t want to miss some amazing contests that Catherine, Amanda & I will be hosting in the coming weeks! My latest amazing contest is for one lucky winner to win a pair of tickets to the pre-screening of HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 (Hitting Theatres November 26th). Come and see why this is a contest you simply have to enter! Continue reading “Contest | Horrible Bosses 2 Toronto Pre-Screening & Prize Pack”

Lifestyle | Jabra Stealth is coming to town in November

For those of you who have followed the progression of, you will know that when I love a brand I stick to it. I don’t believe in jumping around and being a so-called spokesperson for several conflicting brands at the same time simply because we are in demand. Why would I recommend something to you if I didn’t absolutely love it myself? Seems counter productive and a bit two-faced for those sites that choose to do so. But hey, to each their own…

One of my ABSOLUTE favourite brands is ofcourse Jabra. My previous features have touched on the Jabra Revo Shades of Grey Headphones  and the Jabra Revo Wireless headphones (I swear by my iconic white pair!). Well, coming to Canada in November, come and see the Jabra Stealth with #DoTheDaniel before you see it anywhere else and how I got to try it out recently as the first person in the country! Continue reading “Lifestyle | Jabra Stealth is coming to town in November”