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Lifestyle | My Flu Fashion Faux Pas & why getting your flu shot is SO important!

As someone who has recently battled a nasty case of the flu for over a week, I think it’s time to face the ugly truth. No one likes to be sick and looking like a hot mess. It’s time to realize the truth about the Flu Shot and why you should get one today if you haven’t already this year. It’s quick, convenient and will help you to avoid your own Flu Fashion Faux Pas’.

Having a nasty case of the flu had truly made my life grind to a halt. I was groggy, sluggish, hurt all over and was even keeping Julio up at night. Not to mention being a man, which let’s all be honest, makes me a HUGE baby that needs to be coddled and cuddled through it all. The simple act of getting the flu shot can help you all avoid this in your day to day lives. It made it impossible to leave the house and I was starting to get a serious case of cabin fever. All of these reasons and more make me realize how important it is to get a flu shot!

For those of us living in Ontario and who are looking for more information on the flu shot, make sure to check out the most up to date information & flu facts here.

Find out where to get a free flu shot in Ontario – protect yourself, your family and your community from the virus.”

Getting the flu shot is free and available to us all. It is a choice and though there may be debate on the success of the shot, I am a true believer that prevention is the best way to stop yourself from experiencing the aches and pains of the flu each and every year. Do your research, make an informed decision and stay true to what you believe.

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Photos: Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care


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