A Weekend Away Fit For A King or Two

It’s the month of May and I am sitting down to write another chapter in the book I am working on, looking out the window wishing the sunshine would come back. In the city of Toronto, we have had what I can only describe as the most tenacious of winters and it just won’t seem to go away. That being said, with my new schedule and focus on the things I am working towards in my life, I get excited about weekends again. Those two beautiful days (or even better, three for a long weekend!) hold so much possibility and recently I had the pleasure of experiencing a pretty spectacular one that I would love to tell you a bit more about.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Three ways to get your life right-side up with the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball™

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like the world flips itself upside down. One way that I try to find balance in my life is by giving our home a good clean. When my home feels organized, so does my mind. I laughed when I admitted it to myself because I hear my mother in my head saying “Just turn on some music and give it a good clean!” Recently, Catherine and I reorganized our home office and it really helped me to feel as though I had a renewed sense of structure and energy. Your wellness is often connected to the cleanliness of your surroundings, even if you get a carpet cleaning in Joplin company to do the work for you. There’s no shame in getting help when doing the spring clean. However, if you do have the energy and time to do it yourself there’s a brand new piece of technology that can make it a breeze for you.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Why July is all about fitness with Samsung Canada

As many of you who follow along on our social media adventures will notice, we share a lot of delicious food. As of late, there has been an explosion of amazing restaurants and food items on the site because it’s the summer and it’s time to celebrate. That being said, I have also been on a personal journey this year to try and find myself in both emotional and physical health. Finding the balance between the two isn’t always easy, but thankfully I’ve been living a #GALAXYLIFE with Samsung Canada and I am excited to share my new secret weapon with you all for the month of July and rest of 2016.  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Why July is all about fitness with Samsung Canada”

Events | Come see how we celebrated what it means to #LiveYoung at #evianBabyBay

I am always left smiling when people ask me what my trick to staying young is. I don’t think that I’ve discovered the “fountain of youth”, and to be honest I look forward to the day when I am called a silver fox. That being said, maintaining a youthful energy inside & out comes from a lot of water and a lot of love in my life. We recently were invited by the team at evian to celebrate what it meas to #LiveYoung alongside their incredibly cute #evianBabyBay campaign. Come see some amazing BTS moments and why I am reminded that evian is one of many “magic tricks” I use to stay happy. Continue reading “Events | Come see how we celebrated what it means to #LiveYoung at #evianBabyBay”