Online Shopping Just Got So Much Better

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have gone into a store looking for a particular style of item that I’m convinced that they would carry only to find out that the store and all possible alternative stores you had in mind, while trying to find that particular style or piece, don’t actually carry that kind of product. I’ve reached this point many times in my active shopping life and at this point in my hunt I’m just about ready to throw in the towel. That was until the one time I decided to take the search to Amazon after remembering that they have something called Amazon Fashion!

For those of you who don’t know about Amazon Fashion, just like I didn’t for such a long time, it’s a department on Amazon that vendors – just like any other department on amazon, use to sell an incredible selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, costumes and so much more! These are all available for women, men and children. Now I know you may probably be thinking that these pieces are on second hand or thrifted items, but the products are in original manufactured condition and by being an Amazon Prime member, can even be at your day in one day!

Trust me, I was a little sceptical and a bit weary at first before purchasing fashion on Amazon, but after my tiring search for the perfect newsboy cap – that for some reason is just incredibly difficult to find for men in traditional brick and mortar stores in Canada, I decided to try my luck on Amazon Fashion. Well let me tell you, my problem of not being able to find any options at all was quickly replaced with having way too many options to chose from when it came to deciding on the perfect style of newsboy cap that I wanted to add into my wardrobe! There are hundreds of different caps available, including a huge assortment of trucker hats!

I also want to add that, because my hunt for the perfect newsboy cap was going on for so long (around three and a half months at this point), I was just ready to find any style that fit the mould of what I was looking for and was actually ready to drop a pretty penny just to have it over with. But with Amazon Fashion, not only was my search screen-folded with some incredibly different styles to choose from, but they were all being sold for all under $50 CAD! So for those of you who are the style-savvy ones of your social circles or an avid deal-hunter, I highly recommend heading over to Amazon Fashion and spending some time looking for those perfect pieces that may not be so easy to find at your local mall. Finally, you’ll be able to add them to your wardrobe, but I warn you – once you start, it becomes quite the guilty pleasure. Don’t say I didn’t warn warn you!

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Photos by Amazon Fashion