When it doubt, a new fragrance always helps me

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I love fragrances. I have probably around four to five of them on the go at once, and save the important ones I receive as gifts for the most special of occasions. That being said, if you’re also like me, you are probably due for a bit of a refresh on that shelf in the bathroom or place on your drawer. I’m here to share with you about H24 Herbes Vives by Herm├Ęs and how it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite scents of 2024.

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Can we take a moment to talk about Mississauga ?

With 2024 well underway and so many fabulous destinations to explore in Canada, I’ve been recently sharing places that I and we have loved to explore. We all know that Toronto is home in my heart, and recently upon a visit to Mississauga for a brand event, I got to thinking about it as both a destination for tourists and Torontonians alike. This is my first of many online love letters and why you should consider to #VisitMississauga in 2024 like I plan to.

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The small victories & the silver linings

I can’t lie and say that I am sitting down at my computer today living the life I have always wanted. Yes, I am fortunate enough to be working in a field that I love, doing some pretty spectacular things. But at what cost, I find myself asking the reflection lately. At 40 years old I am once again in a very challenging predicament where I am lost in more ways than I am found. I try my best to wake up every day and tell myself that the small victories & the silver linings will get me through the day.

But if I’m being perfectly honest, some days, I wonder.

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And then it wasn’t okay…

I like to think that I am pretty much an open book with you. I have shared (and at times, overshared) with a ferocious vulnerability that has helped me cope with some of the most intense and beautiful moments that life has put in my path. I went into the holidays with a proverbial candle burning at both ends, but looking forward to actual rest. We were going to Toronto for almost two weeks and I was packing the car and Canela’s things with a promise to myself to actually take off a few days amid the two weeks because I had barely done it all 2023 long.

Everything was okay, and then very suddenly, it wasn’t okay.

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