Remembering What The Holidays Really Mean

Lately I’ve been looking back on some of my favourite Christmas memories while growing up. Every year, my Dad would be the one to “play Santa”, handing out gifts to us one at a time when the time came. He used to pride himself in saying that each gift he handed out from under the tree was “A NEW CAR!” The joke now continues with my brother and his growing family, and even Julio joins in on saying it now. They all know it used to drive me crazy, but now I smile every time because it is a fond memory that I hold dear. My mom would be in charge of the stockings, and every year we could expect a few staple items to be waiting for us on Christmas morning in them. One of those things that I look forward to every year is getting a box of Ferrero Rocher. As an adult, they now remind me of the holidays and savoring each of them for as long as I could once the box was opened. This year, we are sharing some of the new items available for the holidays, and all I can say is I hope my mom is reading this. Hint hint! 

You’ll remember that we brought you along with us to the #GiveThoughtfully pop up shop here in Toronto. The space is open for the holidays and allows you to put some thought into what those special people on your list would love this year. Did I also mention there was chocolate there? Can’t forget that!

Since that great night at Yorkdale Shopping Centre alongside friends in the media, I have been mulling over which Ferrero Rocher gift I should get for Catherine. And which I should tell my mom I want this year! 

Among the beautiful holiday products, the new Grand Ferrero Rocher caught my eye. Four thoughtfully crafted Ferrero Rocher chocolates, enclosed in a delicious chocolate hazelnut shell, wrapped in gold, and beautifully decorated with a final touch, the golden bow – it retails for $13.99 and can be purchased at select retailers across the country.

And in case you needed any more inspiration for the holidays, take a look at the amazing commercial that came out this year! 

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Daniel Reyes

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