A Global Experience In Your Own Backyard

With the summer finally here, you can only imagine the excitement I have to sit around and celebrate the start of summer with some good company, great times and some great drinks. Now that I’m back in Toronto for a few weeks, I know that I am looking forward to relaxing a little more after a whirlwind few weeks around the world. Luckily thanks the amazing selection from Rodenbach, I know what I will be reaching for with friends and family while I soak in the sun. 


A fun fact that a lot of people actually don’t know about me is that a large chunk of my family actually lives in Cologne, Germany. I’m by no means a stranger to the tastes of Belgium, and after my recent trip to the Netherlands had the chance to emerge myself in some great Belgian beer throughout my journey. So, you could only imagine my excitement to share with all of you some of the unique and flavourful selection from the Rodenbach line up now that it is available in Canada!

Fusing the tradition of traditional European brewing techniques with the modern day techniques of brewing sour beer the awesome selection from Rodenbach is sure to cater to both new and old beer enthusiasts a like. My personal stand out is the “Fruitage” which is a refreshing blend of both fruit and ale flavour and blends tones of sweet and sour and is the ideal start to the layers of the Rodenbach selection. Not to mention the beautiful bottles and cans, it seems to be the perfect addition to a sunny weekend or after a long day at the office. Really, it’s great for whatever you have planned – and for those of you in Ontario, it is readily available in your local LCBO

Whatever your summer festivities have in store for you whether it be a cottage getaway or a night in with some great friends to kick off the start of summer you can definitely count on being prepared with the flavourful and beautifully crafted selection from Rodenbach Brewery.

This post is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal alcohol drinking age or in countries with restrictions on advertising on alcoholic beverages. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive. 

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Photos by Aram Eginliyan, Rodenbach & All Social Media Accounts Listed