Sweater Weather #Goals

As the weather starts to cool off I am realizing that not only do I need more blazers and dress clothes for the fall months, but sweater weather is upon us. Trying to explore my fashion horizons I have done my best to find new brands and labels to add to my wardrobe. Newly obsessed with Minimum I wanted to share the items from their AW19 collection that I simply have to have and how you can get them too!

I’m not sue if you’re like me, but I am a very tactile person. I think it’s why fall wardrobe items speak to me so much. They are usually structured and soft. Something to express myself while I wrap myself in them. It’s a beautiful season to have options and layers, and having them makes me happiest of all!

For my birthday I decided to add a few items to my wardrobe that would be classics. When I discovered Minimum, I immediately feel in love with the clean lines, classic feeling and simplistic elegance of their men’s clothing.

“Minimum creates several annual collections and we pride ourselves in selectively picking out just the right designs and fits for each collection. the philosophy is to create eclectic, Scandinavian fashion products of sublime quality – always at the right price. We produce both the versatile classics for the basic wardrobe and the unique, eye catching styles that are perfect for those special occasions.”


And what a perfect time to jump in on some of my favourites including (in no particular order) walther long sleeved shirt 6269 which I am OBSESSED with, the sweaters I am sharing below and of course all their beautiful coats.

I encourage you to take a look at the Minimum fashion website and see why I’ve become so enamored with their fashion and style. I encourage you to follow their account on Instagram and share your favourite fall items when you get them for your own wardrobes. Join in on the social media conversation with @Minimum_Fashion on Instagram, but just be prepared to fall in love too.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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