How I Celebrate The Important Moments

Saturday October 12th and it’s exactly five days before my thirty-sixth birthday. Being that the coming week is set to be one of the busiest for me personally and professionally, I decided that I would celebrate my birthday a little early with Julio to make sure it’s not forgotten like it was last year. So without further ado… here’s what I’m up to today to celebrate in the best way I know how in the city of Toronto.

Now, is 36 the most fabulous of birthdays to be sharing? Probably not if I’m being honest. But it is mine and it is important to me. I’m by no means someone who spends a lot of money (or attention) on himself. But my birthday is the one time a year I claim for me and only me. A time to give myself the more beautiful things in life because I deserve them.

First off – I am FINALLY staying at The St. Regis Toronto. I am almost embarrassed to say that it has taken me this long to book a night at Canada’s leading luxury establishment, but if it has to be for any reason, this is the one. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the hotel is the epitome of decadence and beauty.

After checking in, I will make my way to my room with Julio, where upon the door closing I will tear most of my clothes off and wrap myself in a robe. A hotel tradition that to this day I honour for myself because it epitomizes finally being able to relax. We will enjoy iconic amenities such as the spa, the pool, and of course the famous evening ritual of the 6pm champagne sabrage which St. Regis hotels around the world all continue to celebrate.

We will immerse ourselves in luxury unparalleled in the city before preparing for dinner. Albeit biased, we’ll head to Chotto Matte Toronto for a Nikkei dinning experience. Makes sense considering I work there and have yet to try the entire menu… after which returning to the hotel for a romantic night in. Those details alas my friends are ours…

In the morning we will wake well rested and head to LOUIX LOUIS for brunch to top off an amazing, decadent, deluxe birthday experience. Maybe a quick dip in the pool or couples massage at the spa, and off to pick up Canela on a Sunday afternoon.

I have no doubt in my mind that this experience will be the definition of luxury and pampering. After what has been an amazing and transformational year for me personally and professionally, I can’t wait. I deserve a #NewEraOfGlamour and so do you. So whether it’s your next special occasion or just because you’ve earned a night for you, The St. Regis Toronto is my recommendation for all things luxury and beauty.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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