The upgrade I didn’t know we needed! 

When it comes to home decor, I love how different Julio and I can be. He is artistic with a flare for the dramatic, while I tend to gravitate to symmetry and balance between bright and dark. Most recently he’s taken to organizing rooms in our house to make it feel more like home. I took a page from his book to give our living room an update with a few upgrades along the way. 

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Accountability is the Key to Success

With Spring right around the corner, and the promise of warmer weather ahead (fingers crossed), Canadians are starting to ramp up their physical activity. But even with the nicer weather ahead, we could all use some extra motivation and encouragement. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference when it comes to your health. And I think that a lot of people can forget this.

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From A Sleepless Nightmare, To Living The Dream

Being a full time University student is difficult. Between living expenses, managing multiple jobs, keeping up with readings, and staying active in the field of media – I often find myself so drained at the end of the day. Having such a busy lifestyle means that I need to maintain the balance of a healthy lifestyle, as well. Because I’m so busy, I have difficulty making time for fitness. So it’s very important to me, that at the very least I can eat healthy, and rest properly.

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Contest | Create the perfect CFL Grey Cup experience with Casa di Mama Pizza!

The Grey Cup is the most exciting CFL event of the year, and this year we have partnered with Dr. Oetker’s Casa di Mama Pizza to share how “home-gating” with delicious pizza can be just as fun as tail-gating at the game. With the help of Julio & friends, I’ve had a chance to taste test #CasadiMamaPizza all week long and I’m sharing some of my favourites that you simply have to try. We are also hosting an exciting contest for one lucky winner to join us at MAMA’S HOUSE on Sunday November 27th for a special viewing experience of the Grey Cup!  Continue reading “Contest | Create the perfect CFL Grey Cup experience with Casa di Mama Pizza!”