My favourite Mexican destinations you have to visit this #MarchBreak

Have you ever hit the point where you realize you desperately need a vacation? Canadians are avid travelers and I’ve been fortunate enough to share beautiful destinations around the world with you all during our #DTDTravels. As March break approaches, I thought it only made sense to curate a list of my favourite Mexican destinations that you simply have to experience for yourself. Be it a romantic getaway for two (hint hint Julio!) or a family trip during March Break, come and see some of the best destinations available to you via Air Transat. Continue reading “My favourite Mexican destinations you have to visit this #MarchBreak”

The easiest Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Have you ever woken up in the morning with the desire to just get on a plane to somewhere hot? To just get away from it all? That was me this morning. You’ll want to stay tuned this week as I share my top tropical destinations to escape the winter blues in partnership with Air Transat. But in the meantime, if you need a little break from the blistering cold, I am sharing a tropical inspired recipe that will have you smiling before the day is done.  Continue reading “The easiest Pineapple Upside-Down Cake”

Travel & Lifestyle | Winter has arrived, so it’s time to #SayHelloToLove

As I sit here writing this blog post, the snow is falling outside. It’s official. Winter has arrived. And that means that my mind is left thinking about how I can escape to warmer weather, beautiful beaches and to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Based upon our recent trip to the Dominican Republic via Booking Hello, I’ve got all the reasons why the Caribbean is just what the doctor ordered to cure the onset of the winter blues.  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Winter has arrived, so it’s time to #SayHelloToLove”

My 2017 Travel To-Do List

2017 is proving to be our biggest year yet. With our team growing around the globe, I am left inspired to travel and see more of the world via their eyes and mine. As previously mentioned, vacations are meant to be an exploration of the world and shouldn’t be ruined by unexpected and unfortunate surprises. Click here to  read about how you can #ProtectYourVacationBliss when travelling down south. While we are on the topic of travel down south and finding inspiration in travel, I wanted to share some of our dos and dont’s while traveling along with my 2017 wishlist destinations I simply must explore in 2017!  Continue reading “My 2017 Travel To-Do List”