My 2017 Travel To-Do List

2017 is proving to be our biggest year yet. With our team growing around the globe, I am left inspired to travel and see more of the world via their eyes and mine. As previously mentioned, vacations are meant to be an exploration of the world and shouldn’t be ruined by unexpected and unfortunate surprises. Click here to  read about how you can #ProtectYourVacationBliss when travelling down south. While we are on the topic of travel down south and finding inspiration in travel, I wanted to share some of our dos and dont’s while traveling along with my 2017 wishlist destinations I simply must explore in 2017! 

As Canadians prepare for another iteration of snowfall from coast-to-coast (what’s the expression about March? In like a lamb, out like a lion…) I know that I cannot be the only one looking forward to travelling down south to escape and unwind. There is a bliss to be found amid the waves, the endless piña coladas, and much needed sunshine. I spend a lot of time researching my holidays so I’ve already started looking into Galapagos yacht charters that Julio and I can treat ourselves to. I also want to visit the Caribbean again this year because it’s just so relaxing. Some of my favourite moments with Julio are listening to the waves, laying on the beach and looking over to see him smiling for no reason other than being present in that moment with me. 

Though it’s easy to think about travel as a carefree experience, which is absolutely what it should be once you’ve arrived, there is a certain amount of planning that should go into getting vacation ready once you’ve booked your travel. For example, I recently booked a much needed vacation for Julio & I to go back to Mexico at the end of April. Now I have to make sure that we have the right clothes for our trip, that I order our foreign currency, and of course I have to make sure that we are up-to-date on our immunizations. All equally important to ensure that we take full advantage of our time down south! 

Not to be a negative nancy, but we all need to consider that health risks are part of travel and destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean are no different, even if you find yourself at a 5-star resort. Just as much as you research whether there is a private pool near your room or how many restaurants your resort has to offer, it is important to be mindful of the health advisories for your destinations. Canadians are smart travelers, that much we know, but ensuring that you only bring back memories and a great tan involves looking at the above mentioned items to ensure that you are prepared to enjoy your vacation to its fullest. 

A recent study I was reading when doing the research for my personal dos and dont’s of travel helped to shed some light on travel down south. Some of the more familiar health issues we hear about range from upset stomach to travellers’ diarrhea or viral hepatitis, and they are very real issues that can take away from protecting your vacation bliss both during your trip and when you come home. No one wants to look back on a week away and remember the bad things that could have been prevented with a few simple preventative measures. 

  • The Protect Your Vacation Bliss survey, commissioned by GlaxoSmithKline Inc., found that the majority of travellers (63%)1 say they travel to relax and relieve stress and more than half (59%)2 expect to come back with the lasting reward and benefit of feeling rejuvenated and well rested.
  • However, more than a third (39%) surveyed said returning home with a serious health problem would be the biggest let down, bursting their vacation bliss bubble.3 And while the survey found that Canadians think it is important to arrange travel health and medical insurance (49%) to protect themselves in case of health issues during their vacation, none who took part in the survey reported taking preventive health steps when preparing for a getaway; instead most do internet research (82%), or buy items such as scuba gear, a swimsuit or running shoes (32%) before leaving on a trip.4

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But what does that mean for us as travelers? It means don’t ignore your travel to do list before leaving because one simple list can help you to avoid bringing home unexpected surprises that could ruin all the hard work and time you put into your vacation planning. 

Plan ahead for your outfits, get your currency in order with your bank, and speak with with our family doctor and credible resources such as the Public Health Agency of Canada and Immunize Canada to ensure you are protected before you go. The world is waiting for you to explore, so make sure you are ready in the best way possible.

So where would I like to explore this year? Well being that Playa del Carmen is already booked via Air Transat, I know that the Caribbean has many other beautiful destinations to see for the first time. I would love to visit Cartagena, Liberia, San Salvador & Fort-de-France just to name a few. 2017 is a big year, so why not travel to big and beautiful places while we share it with you all?! 

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