Why We Wear Canadian

Six years ago, I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know a whole lot about Fashion, let alone Canadian fashion. I assumed that if I was shopping at a store in Canada (asides from the “big names”) it was Canadian. Thankfully one of the brightest minds in the industry helped to educate me and open up my world to the incredible talent that we produce right here in the country I call home. Over the years, my exploration of the Canadian fashion world has been inspiring to say the least. I have come to meet and befriend designers from coast-to-coast, and one that always leaves me feeling inspired is the talented Andrew CoimbraFrom his understanding of construction, fabrication, street style influencers, and international influences, this is one designer that (if you don’t already) you simply must explore.  Continue reading “Why We Wear Canadian”

A Sneak Peek At The #Cashmere18 Designs

It’s time to start talking about September – and while I am enjoying the beautiful summer weather, I have always loved the fall. It’s my favourite season for fashion, it’s when I love cuddling up to my husband and Canela the most, and it also is when the annual Cashmere Collection fashion event. Every year we are lucky enough to bring you BTS at one of my favourite events of the year. Gathering together some of the most talented and innovative fashion designers in the country, this year will be marking fifteen years and to celebrate we wanted to share some sneak peeks of the designs that will come to life on the runway in a few weeks time.  Continue reading “A Sneak Peek At The #Cashmere18 Designs”