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Six years ago, I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know a whole lot about Fashion, let alone Canadian fashion. I assumed that if I was shopping at a store in Canada (asides from the “big names”) it was Canadian. Thankfully one of the brightest minds in the industry helped to educate me and open up my world to the incredible talent that we produce right here in the country I call home. Over the years, my exploration of the Canadian fashion world has been inspiring to say the least. I have come to meet and befriend designers from coast-to-coast, and one that always leaves me feeling inspired is the talented Andrew CoimbraFrom his understanding of construction, fabrication, street style influencers, and international influences, this is one designer that (if you don’t already) you simply must explore. 

By now you’ve seen my favourite item that I have purchased for the fall on our social media. And if you haven’t, let me refresh your memory… 

So when I found out that Toronto-based men’s and womenswear designer Andrew Coimbra has been invited to present his 2019 Spring collection at ModaLisboa, Portugal’s official Fashion Week, in partnership with Vogue Portugal, GQ Portugal, and ELLE Portugal I had to share the exciting news. Not only am I a HUGE fan of his work, but Andrew has become a close friend. 

Showcasing what he has built from humble beginnings in Canada, I have watched as his brand has evolved over the years. From celebrities wearing his distinct design, to pushing the boundaries of what contemporary designers might deem commercial, this is one designer that I am always proud to support. I’m wondering if he needs a plus one in Portugal…. 

“The October 14, 2018 presentation will mark a historic event in Canadian and Portuguese fashion history, as it will be the first Canadian label to present at ModaLisboa since its inception in 1991, nearly 30 years ago. “The opportunity to physically showcase Canadian fashion talent internationally is incredibly exciting and a necessary component to local and foreign growth opportunities,”  the eponymously-named designer says.”

Coimbra, who’s father is Portuguese by birth, will show a full range Spring 2019 Collection at ModaLisboa inspired by the carefree spirit of summer in the city; lightweight, loose, and bubbling with cheeky spontaneity. It draws inspiration from contemporary artists Jean-François Lauda, Keith Coventry, and John Zabawa and fuses the textures, colour palettes and intentions with moods derived from urban spaces like bodegas and city parks.


So I hope that you join me in celebrating this incredible designer for his dedication to craftsmanship, his ability to represent Canada on a global platform, and to support him by purchasing some of his amazing clothes. After all, it is more important than ever to #WearCanadian and support the talent that we have right here. 

To see more of his amazing designs, I encourage you to check out the Andrew Coimbra website and of course follow his beautiful social media accounts. 


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Congratulations again on this HUGE accomplishment Andrew. I can’t wait to see how the world falls in love with everything that you do as I did all those years ago. 

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