C’Mon Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

It is no shock that this blog is essentially a Barbie fangirl page – over the years I’ve spoken about how as a little boy my Jem and The Holograms Barbie was my favourite toy, and let’s be honest, Barbie to this day at the toy and brand that speaks to so many of us in different ways. From our collection of Barbies and the dolls from the extended family, this blog and our home will forever preach the importance of inclusivity and diversity that we’ve seen over the years with my favourite blonde bombshell.

Recently it seems as though Barbie is back to IRL events along with us all and I simply had to tell you about some of my personal favourite collaborations to inspire your pink fantasy!

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Family Lifestyle | Music is What Feelings Sounds Like

As a little girl, I was lucky to be surrounded by music. I started dance classes when I was 5, and in middle school I started playing instruments. Still to this day I feel like music is my life’s soundtrack. Hearing “Can’t Touch This” (by none other than MC Hammer), takes me right back to being 8 and doing my tap dance. In the same way, listening to a symphony has me aching to pick up an instrument and start again. Now that I have a lil one, I’ve encouraged him to find a love of music, and to use it to express himself.

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