A Lesson in Loving Yourself

Did you know that your skin has 5 vital functions? Can you guess what they are?¬†My initial guesses were: protect from the elements, produce too much forehead (and chin???) oil, freckle, get premenstrual acne and react angrily to eyebrow waxes. As 2017 comes to an end and we get ready for a busy 2018 with #DoTheDaniel, I wanted to shed some light on some of our beauty secrets with you all!¬†Throughout the year I’ve tried a lot of different beauty products, from the newest make-up favourites to CBD products (like those from Nay CBD). All of which aim to help the skin look younger, brighter and assists the 5 vital functions. Continue reading “A Lesson in Loving Yourself”

The reasons why The 2017 #KFWE was not to be missed

And we’re back! 

Last month, Nicola and I were blessed with the chance to attend the second annual Kosher Food and Wine Event. You’ll remember that we had a great time last year, so we were excited to be invited again! The beautiful Sheraton Hotel on Park Lane was our host for an evening of delicious kosher food and wines, with some incredible new additions.

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Food & Drink | Roast Rack of Lamb with Cumin and Nigella seeds

 Seasons Greetings!

You know something that you wouldn’t think goes well together but does? That strange marriage of left and right that you view with trepidation until you try it. That moment when opposites attract and you find yourself enjoying chocolate covered pretzels, leather and lace, breakfast for dinner, department stores and meat counters.

Hold on.

Ok, if you think that the last one was a misnomer, well then you my friend need to go to Selfridges. Continue reading “Food & Drink | Roast Rack of Lamb with Cumin and Nigella seeds”

Food & Wine | Flour Power Masterclass at Pizzicotto

Act 1

Scene 1

A woman arrives a half hour late to a beautiful, family-run Italian Restaurant on Kensington High Street. At the end of the bright room are two tables set up with pasta-making supplies: cutting boards, pasta machine, knives, dough. Behind them is a blue-tiled pizza oven and counter. People are milling between the two areas, orange drinks in hand.

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