The reasons why The 2017 #KFWE was not to be missed

And we’re back! 

Last month, Nicola and I were blessed with the chance to attend the second annual Kosher Food and Wine Event. You’ll remember that we had a great time last year, so we were excited to be invited again! The beautiful Sheraton Hotel on Park Lane was our host for an evening of delicious kosher food and wines, with some incredible new additions.

As always, the #KFWE delivered a wide variety of kosher drinks and delicious food, but with the addition of masterclasses. Nicola and I got the chance to sample wines from around the world with hors d’oeuvres to match. The fruity notes in Drappeir Catre D’or Champagne was enhanced with slices of tuna and apple. Sliders with pulled beef on brioche buns provided a smooth mouth-feel alongside Herzog Special Reserve Malbec, and Chicken scotch eggs with Yatir Viognier was positively creamy in a way I would never have thought to describe wine. We learned to make Espresso Martinis and drank Walders Englishman in China. I may have called in to sick to work the next day.

And then we moved on to the sample floor.


The expanse of kosher beverages was dizzying. I tried kosher ice wine from Canada, Malbec from Argentina and even Date Liqueur from Finland! I got to speak to wine and spirit makers from all over the world as they shared their passion for Kosher production. Nicola and I got to enjoy an evening sampling everything from churros to champagne and sushi to latour. 

I  don’t know about you, but I know where I will be next February.

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Photos: Brittany Levett & Pizzicotto


Brittany Levett

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