A Lesson in Loving Yourself

Did you know that your skin has 5 vital functions? Can you guess what they are? My initial guesses were: protect from the elements, produce too much forehead (and chin???) oil, freckle, get premenstrual acne and react angrily to eyebrow waxes. As 2017 comes to an end and we get ready for a busy 2018 with #DoTheDaniel, I wanted to shed some light on some of our beauty secrets with you all! Throughout the year I’ve tried a lot of different beauty products, from the newest make-up favourites to CBD products (like those from Nay CBD). All of which aim to help the skin look younger, brighter and assists the 5 vital functions.

Obviously, the above functions are synonymous with me and I’m adding some comedy here. Their true functions are:
Hyrdation, Nutrition, Oxygenation, Protection & Regeneration. Which if you think about, is amazing. Your skin is working so hard to protect and nourish you and yesterday I didn’t drink enough water and ate too many cheetos. Thankfully, Clarins Canada has their Double Serum which helps to stimulate those 5 vital functions, and it has a brand new ingredient. Turmeric.

You’ll remember that Daniel got a chance to experience #DoubleSerum earlier this year and since that point, it’s made me stop to realize how much I rely on Clarins Canada to keep my skin looking and feeling it’s best. 

The addition of tumeric allows the skin to communicate its needs and increase the efficacy of the 5 vital functions. At the heart of the new Double Serum are 21 (like kiwi, rose oil and pistachio!) and of the most powerful plant extracts which combined create more radiant skin, with enlarged pores and fine lines visibly diminished. Now in its 8th generation, Clarins Double Serum now consists of interlocking vials: the oil-based phase is now housed in the hydric phase which mix together upon application. It even includes the option to customize the amount of product depending on the seasons.

We all know that you don’t need half as much product in the summer, and wasting product is a huge pet peeve. Clarins Canada has even eliminated all metal from their packaging, and the bottle contains 10% recycled material. If you are still debating, did you know that the Double Serum is universal? Clarins Double Serum meets the needs of everyone. All age groups, all ethnic groups and every skin type, even sensitive skin are compatible. Now that is something I can get behind! 

Whether you’re just starting your skincare regimen, or have been using products for years, Clarins Double Serum is a foolproof product that uses natural ingredients and low waste packaging. 32 years after its creation, Double Serum is still the perfect combination of effective plant extracts and Clarins scientific and technological innovations.

Clarins is all about you. And it’s why it is one of the brands we trust around the world to keep us looking and feeling our best. 

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Brittany Levett

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