The 4 Best Winter Jackets That Every Canadian Needs

It’s been a whirlwind start to 2022 for me and I’m only now realizing that I haven’t sat down to write a lifestyle-ish blog post in way too long. I think the excitement at work during the day, balancing content creation, all things pandemic and new year / new strategy have kept me extra busy. Not to worry, because I’m back to share the best jackets now that winter has officially settled in and made its presence known. And this blog post is dedicated specifically to my fellow Canadians – because no one understands the necessity of a good winter jacket quite like a Canadian does.

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It’s Time To Start Thinking About Warm Coats Again

While most of us are finally getting settled into the idea of sweater weather, any good Canadian knows that the colder weather is going to get much colder in no time at all. While I sit at the new dinning room table in our home in Ottawa, I am mulling over the photos from a recent event I wasn’t able to join Julio for in Toronto. I don’t often go so far as to bring fashion previews to you all here on the blog, but I was so in love with what I saw that I realized this may be the time to start thinking about to really make a statement with your wardrobe this season. Here’s how I am hoping to if all goes well – after all my birthday is just around the corner!

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A Canadian Collection Like No Other

There are a few things that come to mind as a Canadian when I think about the winter months. My favourite order from Starbucks to keep me warm. That first romantic snow with Julio in some capacity. Where I might jet away to for some sun and sand during it all. And of course, what I’m wearing to keep me warm in those long winter months. Canadians have become aware of brands that are making a difference both here and abroad, so today as Canada Goose launches a capsule collection that has really inspired me, I wanted to tell you about it. A Canadian collection like no other that I hope to add to my life very soon.

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The Weight Of It All Changed Me

Over the years I have talked about a lot of products that I have used, tried, loved and not loved… all in the name of better sleep. As a chronically bad sleeper, I seem to always be on the lookout for the next best product to help me get the rest I not only need, but want amid the hectic life I live. The thing that I have realized, is that a lot of you are the same way.

While I have for many years been skeptic of the idea of a weighted blanket as a gimmick, until I got my hands on one, I could never have realized the immediate difference it has made in my sleeping patterns and quality of sleep. This quite literally is a game changer and I’m telling you all about my Gravid weighted blanket so you can get one for the holidays immediately.

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