It’s Time To Start Thinking About Warm Coats Again

While most of us are finally getting settled into the idea of sweater weather, any good Canadian knows that the colder weather is going to get much colder in no time at all. While I sit at the new dinning room table in our home in Ottawa, I am mulling over the photos from a recent event I wasn’t able to join Julio for in Toronto. I don’t often go so far as to bring fashion previews to you all here on the blog, but I was so in love with what I saw that I realized this may be the time to start thinking about to really make a statement with your wardrobe this season. Here’s how I am hoping to if all goes well – after all my birthday is just around the corner!

When I look at this photo, all I can think is “the cool kids are doing it” – and while that may make sense to me, it probably goes over your head a bit.

Several of my very fashionable friends, not to mention my husband, were able to attend the preview for Sentaler Men recently. I was slated to attend, but life and work of course take priority and so I was left to live vicariously through the photos that George Pimentel took. Why am I so enamored you ask?

Years ago I sat in Soho House Toronto for my first experience with Sentaler and I got a chance to meet Bojana Sentaler. After speaking with her about her women’s line of coats, it became quite evident that she had an understanding of both function and fashion, marrying them into an iconic silhouette and ribbed detail that quickly took the world by storm. Fast forward to 2021, post lockdowns, and here we are at the natural evolution of the brand. For years I contemplated buying a women’s coat for Julio because often the silhouette accentuate his incredible figure.

But for my build and broad chest and wider frame? I often need something built for the frame I carry. Insert the addition of Sentaler Men to Canadian fashion and you can understand why I am excited that I can finally look as amazing as Julio often gets to.

“SENTALER MEN is the ultimate fusion of impeccable craftsmanship and innovative technical solutions. Crafted from the world’s most luxurious and rare alpaca fabrics, SENTALER MEN coats are lightweight, warm, high-performance outerwear pieces made for style, comfort and protection from the elements.

The coveted SENTALER signature ribbed detail is translated into the men’s collection with 3 subtle ribs on the upper arm of select SENTALER MEN styles. Launching as a collection of 15 styles, the SENTALER MEN collection includes classic buttoned notched lapel overcoats, topcoats with the SENTALER signature double collar, and a long double breasted robe coat.

Due to the nature of the alpaca fabrics used in the collection, SENTALER MEN coats are lightweight, warm and have natural resilience and durability. For added protection against cold weather, Designer Bojana Sentaler has added new innovative treatments and technologies, protecting the wearer from rain and wind. Additionally, select styles feature an interior quilted padded filling for further added warmth.

All SENTALER MEN products are proudly cruelty-free and rooted in sustainability. Proceeds from the sale of all SENTALER MEN coats are donated to SENTALER’s long-term environmental initiative, Forests for the Future, to help combat climate change and support large scale tree planting.

SENTALER is committed to continuing to create products respectful of the environment, animals and people.”

SENTALER MEN launched on Friday October 1st, 2021, exclusively on

And because he’s the best model for fashion on both sides of the aisle and everything in between, here are a few photos of my fabulous husband in some of his favourite colourways.

Seriously, if someone wants to get me a coat, I’ll love you forever.

For those of you inspired to make a statement with this beautiful coat in your lives and the lives of the men in your life, make sure to head to the sentaler website to order yours. While you’re sharing, make sure to follow @sentaler and @sentalermen accounts on Instagram.

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Photos: Daniel Reyes, George Pimentel & All Social Media accounts listed above

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