The 4 Best Winter Jackets That Every Canadian Needs

It’s been a whirlwind start to 2022 for me and I’m only now realizing that I haven’t sat down to write a lifestyle-ish blog post in way too long. I think the excitement at work during the day, balancing content creation, all things pandemic and new year / new strategy have kept me extra busy. Not to worry, because I’m back to share the best jackets now that winter has officially settled in and made its presence known. And this blog post is dedicated specifically to my fellow Canadians – because no one understands the necessity of a good winter jacket quite like a Canadian does.

I find myself looking out the window as the snow falls (and stays) and realizing that I haven’t lived in Ottawa during the winter in over ten years. For those of you who have visited or live here, you know exactly what I mean.

But just because I need to bundle up like I haven’t in ages doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look incredible while rocking my winter realness. In an effort to have something fabulous to look forward to, I’ve assembled jackets from some of the best in the biz.

Canada Goose

Behind the Scenes of Project Atigi | BEYOND | Canada Goose®

It’s no shock this is top of my list – I’ve been writing a love letter to the brand basically since I started. With the advances of the new sustainable HUMANATURE line of products to Project Atigi, the brand has taken itself to a place of iconography while ensure its awareness of the world we now live in. Not to mention their foray into footwear which is probably the coolest boot I’ve seen in a long time.

Also Dear Canada Goose – this is my official ask for all the world to so.

Let’s PLEASE work together after all these years.

Love, Daniel xo

Woodpecker Canada

You’ll remember I was introduced to this really f*cking cool brand a few years ago. Ever since, I get compliments on my coat above and their latest collection is pure fire. Known by the fashion lovers in my life, it’s a coat that not only keep me cozy at the top of the mountain in Banff, but that I love wearing on nights out in the streets of Toronto.


My love for Simu Liu aside, Nobis has been a luxury brand that I’ve always admired and one that Julio speaks highly of. Ten years, 40 countries, and a brand that truly brings fashion and function together. Also I can say with 100% certainty that I am so jealous of my friends who got to meet Simu at the launch of his collaboration in Toronto!


I will never forget the feeling of attending Fashion Week shows with Julio and getting excited for the Rudsak show. All these years later we still have the fur runway mittens that they gifted Julio, I’m left drooling over this year’s collection, especially this silver coat above. Montreal born just like me, Rudsak always holds a really special place in my heart.

Those are my top four jacket companies for the winter, and since we just found out about the supposed six more weeks of winter, now is just a good as any to check them out for yourself. Wish me luck with Canada Goose and keep me posted on social which brand you love more!

Photos: Daniel Reyes Cocka & All Social Media accounts listed above

Daniel Reyes Cocka

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